Georges StPierre has made his retirement completely official.

The former welterweight and middleweight champion has provided the promotion written notice that he could be retired, MMA Fighting confirmed Tuesday together with vice president of athlete health insurance and operation Jeff Novitzky. ESPN has been the very first to report the headlines.

That formal retirement is significant with respect to this ’s anti-doping policy. Together with his retirement , St-Pierre will remove himself by the USADA pool that is drug-testing. Meaning that when he were to come back, GSP could need to spend at least six weeks ago in the pool before competing , per policy.

“He’s out [of their pool],” Novitzky stated. “He also gave me written notice he’so retired and out from this USADA registered testing pool (RTP). If he were to return, he’d need to be back in for six months before competing. ”

He also took a sabbatical from the previously from 2013 to 2017. Before returning in November 20 17, GSP entered to the USADA drug-testing pool in August 2016.

In that comeback struggle, St-Pierre defeated Michael Bisping to acquire the middleweight name at UFC 217. He vacated the name roughly a month later after being identified as having ulcerative colitis and have not fought since.

His 1-3 career fights were won by the Canadian idol. He said during the press conference that it was his desire to go out on top.

Before choosing to hang up the glasses, GSP was eyeing a possible fight later this season with light weight winner Khabib Nurmagomedov. Nurmagomedov was curious in the bout too, but also the wanted to proceed in a different direction.

At the media conference, St-Pierre did leave the door open for a return to the cage in the future.


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