F1’s broadcast handle Sky means UK-based fans require a subscription to your broadcaster’s dedicated channel to see every grand-prix live this season.

Even the UK’s freetoair options have already been reduced to high lights and live coverage of their , which Hamilton said is”not at all cool”.

While he said he doesn’t know the move to paytv and that it is”not my job to come up with the replies for this “, Hamilton said he wasn’t convinced by the move.

“The more people you’ve got at the grand prix, the further air it’s,” he said.

“It’s the fans that makes the game what it is, and so the further you obstruct them deter them the worse that the business will be for the people who possess it.

“But this is not anything related to me personally. When the fans don’t come or the people that I do get to meet at the races, then I decide to attempt to utilise the opportunity to connect to them”

He also expressed sympathy for fans getting hit by increased costs to follow grands prix, and said he doubts the number of ences will increase.

“It’s bloody expensive in these times with all you’ve got in your home, with all your insurance and most of of the things you do end up paying,” he said.

“And on top of that you’ve got to cover television and for a television license, that is ridiculous.

“[I am] convinced that number isn’t going to improve, because the economy, it’s a difficult time for everyone especially now, so it’s a pity that the fans are not getting to see as much”

Sky Sports has been the sole channel allowed to broadcast live coverage of each weekend in the UK since 2012.

It took good advantage of cost reductions that forced the BBC to renegotiate a deal that should have left it F1’s home before end of 2013.

The BBC high lights and also the remaining events as had the right to broadcast 10 races while Sky Sports F1 showed every race live — a deal Channel 4 took over from 20-16 to 2018.

Sky recently announced its channel will soon broadcast IndyCar races live this season as a nutritional supplement to its own F1 coverage.


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