By Jason Hirthler: Sitting across from Mikey Garcia, it’s not difficult to be impressed by how put together he could be. He turns talking a smile on his head, and also points to his press looks up. He’s a picture of lodging and courtesy. He answers the same questions again and again , scarcely betraying a sign of annoyance. Given the gentlemanly charm of this guy, you sometimes wonders if he is in the right game. Aren’t boxers supposed to be arrogant, brash, and self-aggrandizing? Don’t they think of themselves in iated terms that are at odds with reality? That is true. But Garcia is just another type of fighter. He knows the match between them as well as the match beyond the ropes. And therefore, talking-to Garcia before his 2018 bout with Robert Easter, Jr., you are a little astonished when he interrupts you mid-question as you ask, “If you get the fight Saturday…” Ahead you’ll be able to finish your sentence, then the four-weight class champion breaks and says, “Oh, I’t already won the fight. ” his face is a image of , unblinking certitude that is unbothered. You recognize that, yes, he has already won the fight.

What Must Are

For his role, Errol Spence and WBO Welterweight Champion Terence Crawford should be fighting, but Crawford is fighting the other lightweight last, in . No one expects him to try that the Crawford, although khan has deposed Samuel Vargas along with Phil Lo Greco. Which renders the Garcia fight, one that promises that a cash back, but also a fight with little no up side for its champ to be taken by Spence. He is supposed to triumph. Any shy of a short of this courageous Garcia dim his shooting celebrity and will reduce his standing.

Body Work

Garcia has mastered the triple evaluations of press body, and mind. He manages the media with the grace of a elder statesman. He always adjusts his ring strategies into the task at hand, borne atop a ballast of ultimate confidence. And he comes to fight with night ready to go the distance, having worked under the tutelage of his elder brother Robert through a full camp. Max Kellerman described Garcia having a word he uttered from the late Emanuel Steward, saying Mikey is a “rdquo killer robot; who uses and his plan systematically and dispassionately implements it. It’s a fitting label for this consummate pro.

Jason Hirthler can be just really a writer and experienced in sports promotion. In recent decades, he has led digital photos including the cross over jumps between conor-mcgregor and Floyd Mayweather. He resides and works in Nyc.


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