Alonso combined the Woking team for the second week of testing in , after the advancement of the MCL34 by.

Team drivers Lando Norris and have topped a day of examining each, but the latter made it clear he doesn’t believe is able to battle near the front yet.

Although two time champion Alonso has not driven the car, he has been hearing against the engineers and analysing the data into his new job as team ambassador.

“I think we are learning a lot,” said Alonso.

“I was in contact with the team and I was aware of this debriefs and most of the small issues and issues we all were finding, and I think a week ago we confirmed that the picture of the car, therefore I think you will find a handful areas which need to be revised and they will need to keep developing to enhance the operation.

“Some others are amazingly great, therefore I am contented with the results and broadly speaking I believe it has been a really favorable two weeks.

“It’s not perfect yet, but I feel that the leadership seems the right choice,” he added.

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As part of his newest role as team ambassador,” this year’s will be tested by Alonso later on to simply help the team with its own development.

Although he will not induce the MCL34 for at least several months, Alonso considers his feedback will still be very useful for the team and its own new drivers.

“I feel this car that we’re running now was born probably in June last year once we identified our problemsour weaknesses, our philosophies which were wrong with that 2018 car, and we started talking and having encounters, simulator benefit the 20-19 car,” said Alonso, who called time in his F1 career by the end of 2018.

“So now that 20-19 is a reality and it’s running on the right track and probably a few of the results they are experiencing they don’t really know the background of those changes or philosophy that’s behind that design.

“Therefore I think that’s something I could offer my input on.

“Also, after 18 years I understand the majority of the circuits, the majority of the hints here and there also and especially using Lando being [in] his first season, whatever may possibly appear on a grand prix weekend, on a Saturday, on a Sunday afternoon or anything, maybe to get a driver behind the engineers thinking probably helps, because they just understand the telemetry.

“They analyse and so they make decisions appearing at the telemetry, but I are the connection between the things they view to the data and also what the driver could feel or exactly what exactly the message is coming on the radio”

Fernando Alonso

Photo by: Steven Tee / LAT Pictures


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