says he is”pain free” after hip surgery but that his chances of playing singles in Wimbledon this season are”less than 50%”.

Murray had stylish facelift surgery in January – he said supposed there was a”strong potential” he wouldn’t be able to play professionally again.

The three-time Grand Slam winner said if he desired to come back to the court 20, it was not the only option.

“The rehabilitation is slow but proceeding well,” the 31-year-old Briton said.

“I h to keep on playing, ” I said that at . The matter is that I really don’t know whether it is possible.”

Murray, who said he was”much happier” having had the surgery, added he is under”no tension” to resume a career that in addition has seen him win two Olympic gold awards.

“that I have to wait and see,” he told BBC sports editor Dan Roan in Queen’s Club.

“I’m not permitted to complete highintensity movement for the very initial four months after the surgery and it is only proper I will see when I will compete in any level.

“I actually don’t feel any tension to come back, ” I really don’t feel pressure to play. If it enables me to play that is brilliant.”

Murray broke down in tears saying that he intended to retire later this season’s Wimbledon because of the pain in his hip.

He added that 2019’s Grand Slam could prove to be the very last tournament of the livelihood.

After a five-set defeat Spain’s Roberto Bautista Agut, Murray seemed to soften his position by telling.

Inside his post-match press conference he said he’d been in anguish for”the past 20 months” and wanted the surgery to improve his quality of life.

Murray had the operation – that will keep more of their bone in relation to a hip replacement, covering it with a metallic cap and smoothing down the ball – in London on 28 January.

American doubles player Bob Bryan had the same surgery last year and was playing again, along with twin brother Mike, five months later.

No player has competed in singles later having this particular operation.

“I actually don’t desire to express playing is highly likely because it hasn’t been done earlier and that I can not look at any guy and say he’s done that,” Murray added.

More to follow along.


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