From the inception of its CarbonMetallic brake pads in 1984 and leading legendary team owner Rick Hendrick to his first triumph as a Series triumph with Geoff Bodine, PFC Brakes has become the industry standard in its field.

The company is built on a philosophy of no-compromises and that commitment continues today at PFC Brakes.

Among the teams that opt to use PFC Brakes is Stewart- Racing (SHR) — which won the 2011 Series title with Tony Stewart and 2014 crown with Kevin Harvick — in addition to GMS Racing, which took the Truck crown in 20-16 with Johnny Sauter.

Greg Zipadelli, VP of rivalry at Stewart- Racing, uses PFC brake pads on all the group ’s Monster Energy along with Xfinity Series prepared in his Kans, NC store. Zipadelli claims the selection of PFC products has been imperative to helping SHR reach at the maximum degree.

“Distinct drivers possess different driving styles and you’ve got to adapt and prepare the car for that,” he also says, “and one of the situations you need to do is place the steering upward that best suits that motorist.

“PFC makes a bunch of unique compounds to coincide with the motorist and each race track.

We have to conform to every one our drivers’ styles of forcing and we all can adapt as well using the pads we all use on our brakes.

also includes a rule that every team needs to submit the braking system for use on the weekend using each team record the brake systems and calipers for use. This restricts what teams are allowed to accomplish with the system, further increasing the importance of effectiveness of PFC products. Teams are given an opportunity by tailoring the brakes.

“From an qualifying perspective you would like as light something as possible in the car,” added Zipadelli. “We’re allowed to modify the pads however, perhaps not much else on the automobile so performance is crucial.

“The pad also needs to release ok and PFC does a great job of that. A few brake pads leave however the PFC pads are both nice and clean.

Roten, that transferred from Furniture Row Racing at the end of last season once it ceased operations, says that his Xfinity and Trucks teams benefit in a similar manner.

“One of the essential components that I enjoy using the PFC Brake pad is the cold-bite technology is very nice and helps us each race,” says Roten. “If you rush at a track where you’re not using much braking is very important. Their products do a fantastic job for all of us.

Roten has used PFC products for as long as he can remember and offers a very simple excuse for this devotion.

“PFC proceeds to produce their item and that’s essential to me personally and also the vehicles ’m accountable for weekly at GMS,” he states. “Additional people have attempted to replicate their product and so they could ’t, in my opinion.

“I used them on our own cars at Furniture Row and I’ll continue to use them only at GMS too. I’ve used them for over 30 decades.

Another reason Roten considers in PFC Brakes may be the technology they incorporate into their products and also the magnitude of their own choices.

“They use substances on their products that nobody else does and that helps us,” Roten states. “How the means by which the mattress at the rotor allows every thing to survive and you can alter the magnitude.

“All the teams accomplish that and PFC gives us a fantastic product to work with weekly.

PFC Brakes has been involved with many types of racing since the inception of the company and is merely 1 area of business for its Clover, SC.-based company according to and short-track sales manager Chris Dilbeck.

“none are far more valuable compared to the relationship we he have had with Thorsport Racing. PFC has been able to create technology that is new in brake pads, in a fresh leading edge hat and disc attachment that we call “v 3 ”.

Success over the world on the race track has swallowed success in winning trades, also PFC Brakes has been able to build market share of nearly 80 percent over the world.

Dilbeck adds that if they have been happy to own the organization, PFC is constantly considering ways to enhance it service and products to all users.

“Together With PFC Brakes being located only minutes away from Charlotte and the teams located near that space, we have an extraordinary ability to adapt to the ever changing needs of those teams without any reluctance,” he states. “This has been instrumental in new pad chemical development in addition to new product development once the teams may need a special ‘feel’ for a driver.

The victory PFC Brakes enjoys on race monitors provides valuable information that may be moved over to its technology employed in passenger vehicles.

“PFC Brakes facets in the release of the braking system in addition to the release of those pads themselves,” says Dilbeck. “At the economy that is , not only does that reduce temperatures, however in addition, it reduces haul raising gas mileage. All these cases are put on the technology employed in our Highway pads too.

Having a mindset of not being fulfilled and always seeking to improve, PFC is now and has been the experts in modern-day braking technology.

“PFC Brakes offers something to customers in the motor sports industry to help them win races, time,and rdquo; Dilbeck adds. “This really is what positions PFC since the experts that are braking.

“As competitive as hurrying has become from the expert degrees all of the way to the grass roots levels, having the appropriate consultation together with the best product for that flying event can lift a group from top 5 to winning.

“We see it each time we develop a new client.


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