Steffi Hardy and identical twins Rio and football have been playing together since they were able to walk.

Currently aged 2-2, their careers have taken them out of the slopes of Cumbria’s Lake District.

They have rallied back after the close of the nearest girls center of excellence in the formative years, playing Blackburn Rovers, at the USA, at Iceland now for professional Cypriot title-chasing Apollon.

Although twins in game is not an infrequent happenings, from holland’ Frank and Ronald de Boer into Tracey and Phil Neville, those identical twins’ careers differ because they’ve really been an ideal game. The duo have played for the same sides at the exact same time.

Centre-back Steffi told BBC Sport:”All it requires is only a look, and also we understand exactly what each other are thinking on the pitch.

“On the pitch, even basically don’t have a pass on, ” I understand Rio’s going to be there, looking for space or looking for it .

“She knows all of my strengths and weaknesses, and that I understand most of hers, then when we go up against each other, it’s the hardest struggle I might possibly have.”

Steffi and her colleagues have been yet to concede a goal since their January go on to a Apollon side, who have a goal difference of and 116 later 17 league games this season.

As a modernised, full-time outfit, Apollon operate on a degree that can’t yet be matched by a few of the team moves, however, Steffi states that the club find ways to push the players.

“Our coach always gives us little challenges during the game. If it’s going to ben’t such a tough game, he’ll say’use your foot’. There.

“Then throughout the week we’re playing against boys teams to secure more fit workout and also have a tougher challenge through the week also.”

The setup has impressed both players at the side, who are aiming to return to the action of Women next semester.


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