Teams that have spoken into the Pittsburgh Steelers about a potential Antonio Brown trade have already been told that a bargain is anticipated to be set up by Friday, league sources tell .

Any trade that’s arranged can not be officially announced until next Wednesday in 4 p.m. ET, once the 20-19 league season begins. It’s likely a contract will be wanted by Brown .

Moreover, a couple of teams have jumped into the fray at the prior 24 to 48 hours, sources said, setting the whole amount of teams to which the Steelers have spoken in seven or six in the last day or two.

The Steelers’ price tag started as being a choice and compensation but has been reduced into a pre-determined choice, sources have told .

Last 16, as he fulfilled Steelers brass brown has officially been around the trading block.

In a meeting with last week, the star wide receiver said he just isn’t”angry” with the team but claimed his desire to be exchanged.

Last week speaking at the scouting combine in s, Steelers overall director Kevin Colbert claimed that the team hasn’t ruled out any partners in a potential trade.

“Ideally, if you want to trade him to someone that you’ll never playwith,” Colbert said. “But you can not accomplish that. If you’re good enough to get to the Super Bowl, you must play him “

Owns an six consecutive 100-catch seasons, but he defeated that the company when he neglected to arrive for a work day in Week 17 and was benched for the season finale.


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