Ticktum was in line to share in the in-season evaluation in Hungary last year, only to be refused the chance since he did not have the essential superlicense points to obtain an International A license.

He’s finished second in the an Union 3 championship and organised another success in the Macau Grand Prix, taking his superlicense points overall to 3-5 – enough to test the car and take part in Friday practice sessions.

Whilst Ticktum insists RedBull has to make a decision about a contemporary F1 evaluation, a chance to drive the 2011 RB7 at the fan festival last weekend has fostered his confidence that such an opportunity could materialise.

“Last weekend was a lot of fun and big privilege to be asked by my company to reveal them in a showrun,” Ticktum stated. “So I was really happy to take [this ] on and all went well.

“Hopefully I’ll be able to check the RB15 at any point this past year. Nothing has been confirmed at the moment, but maybe. I’m hoping I will test [it] also it’ll soon be a good prospect.

“I try to continue doing my job and if I connect myself properly here [in Super Formula] I then keep the boss happy and maybe he’ll give me the opportunity to drive his car that past year. ”

Ticktum admitted that he was preoccupied by the idea of graduating to f 1 for way too much time and hes to channel all his energies towards his Super Formula campaign this past year.

’ However I h to get to F1, and I want to get a year that is good here.

From that point you never know what will happen, but I just keep wanting to get the best I can.

“demonstrably when I do have the chance to push in the long run to acquire championships, then it’d clearly be amazing.

“However I could ’t focus too much about this; this may be five decades away or more and I spend a lot of energy considering the long term.

“So I think now this year I’ll try to concentrate as far as possible on trying to finish well in Super Formula first. ”

Additional coverage by Tomohiro Yoshita

Daniel Tiktum, Red Bull F1 demo car

Daniel Tiktum, RedBull F1 demo automobile

Photo by: Motorsport.com / / Japan


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