ATP president Chris Kermode will not have his contract all things considered three players’ representatives on the board voted against him.

cautioned on Wednesday a big change at the top will”stop the procedure for improving the game”.

However a board meeting in n Wells chose not offer 54, the Briton, a deal when his next three-year term expires by this year’s end.

Even the 10 ATP Player Council members were divided if the issue was discussed by them.

But their representatives on the board – the player , the television executive David Egdes and the lawyer Alex Inglot – voted against an expansion.

Gimelstob has stayed on the board whilst confronting a consistent legal instance, with pleaded not guilty to a charge of battery causing serious bodily injury from Los Angeles in October.

The world number one may be that the president of the gamer Council, and widely regarded to have been among the agitators for modification.

But at a press conference in n Wells on Thursday, Djokovic refused – despite questioning – to say whether he supported your decision.

“I will not answer your question directly,” Djokovic stated.

“I will not say my personal perspectives on this particular. Therefore I’m not keen to risk that, by sharing that information, I expose myself and I become liable to breach within the arrangement.

“We have the ATP Cup at 2020, we have the next-gen Finals – there are always a whole great deal of advantages, no doubt. But also there’s a good deal of things that are happening internally that desire a lot of addressing.”

Djokovic said the members of the council”talked to a great number of players” to set their own perspectives, but added he did not talk to either Nadal or .

He explained:”It goes both ways, right. They may approach, and chat about something if they wanted to discuss something.

In a statement, the ATP said Kermode’s tenure has seen”record prize money and commercial growth to the organisation, while presence and viewership of the ATP Tour has jumped”.

It included:”Kermode’s leadership and vision since 2014 was instrumental in the invention of landmark new ATP events such as the award winning Gen ATP Founded in Milan, in addition to the upcoming ATP Cup at 2020.”

“I would like to thank everybody at the ATP, and all the tournaments and players to the aid over the years. I remain fully devoted to the job for the rest of my term and h that the business every success in the long run .”


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