The Washington Redskins solved a portion of these quarterback condition. And so they achieved it by generating an move that is reasonably priced. However there are still questions that remain today they also have Case Keenum along side Colt McCoy.

The Redskins traded a move that sounds big but really may be nothing more than them grabbing a copy for McCoy. It’s a shrewd move considering it doesn’t cost them $3.5 million in cap space, because of Denver spending another half his bonded money in 2013, and a sixth-round choice in 2020. Next year, Additionally they got back a seventh-round choice. It does not scream, although A bargain like that can help Washington : problem solved. If the Redskins handle this offseason very similar to their last one, they will be adding picks.

McCoy is liked by the Redskins and he has still viewed as someone who can help them win games from the company. That is, provided that they get greater talent . Keenum could be viewed in similar terms and conditions. At exactly the exact same way , anyone they bring here would be looked for instance.

Their own durability is surrounded by the difference between Keenum and McCoy. McCoy never started 16 games in the past two days and a season he has had a chance to be the beginner herehe was hurt over three games. This past season also broke his leg.

They have just you in Keenum who helped that a team reach the NFC Championship Game two years ago and went. He has started 30 games the past 2 yrs; than McCoy has started within his eight seasons 24, that’s three more games.

That has hurt and if the Redskins start McCoy, a quarterback with experience now covered them. If Keenum starts and performs nicely, the Redskins understand McCoy is going to be able to deal with the function. Both quarterbacks are portable; both get in to trouble and will likely be competitive throwing the ball. But they provides recipients a chance to produce contested grabs. Receiver Josh Doctson will undoubtedly soon be happy.

Keenum threw for 304 yards — with his legs and 4 touchdowns, when the Vikings beat the Redskins in 2017. In addition, he threw two ugly head-scratching selections. That’s Keenum; in a lot of ways that additionally has been McCoy. Neither could be the ball-control, low-turnover guy like Smith. Which may mean big plays down the industry, but in addition more turnovers. 15 choices and 18 touchdowns, Keenum threw . Hence, the Broncos traded for Joe Flacco and Keenum is currently here.

In two playoff games with Minnesota, Keenum turned the ball over four days. That’s partially why the Vikings pursued Kirk Cousins therefore very hard, finally signing him to a deal worth $28 million each season. For what it’s worth, Keenum, McCoy and Smith soon add up to and including $27,275,000 cap hit. Cousins’ cap hit will likely be 29 million this season.

But here is an integral point. And now then there are still major questions about Smith’s future.

Which means Washington could add another quarterback. One could be just as easily drafted by the Redskins or even find one. The feeling in Redskins Park: Nothing at this point is the table off. There puzzle surrounding what Arizona is going to do with the first selection, which means Rosen may not likee be available. That is known by the Redskins. The Redskins may crumble, knowing they’ve one other guy who is able to play along side McCoy and buy themselves insurance, by making this move.

They could have pursued a quarterback like Teddy Bridgewater, but it’s doubtful he would have signed for less than he got a year — $6 million. And he would not have been the newcomer before McCoy.

This trade also allows them to keep their heavy draft capital should they desired to earn a move for recipient Antonio Brown. They need to clear more cap space, in theory should they wanted to present their selection they might. Or they can keep attempting use most of nine selections and then to build through the draft.

Washington nothing wo be guaranteed by trading for Keenum. Who knows which version that the Redskins will get: the one or even the one that is Broncos? Nevertheless, they wanted insurance and that’s what they have got. Now they can plan still yet another move.


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