Front wing is one of the car design areas that’s been revised in a attempt allowing cars to stick to each other more readily, thus boosting the chances of overtaking.

This year’s front wings tend to be somewhat wider, having gone from 1800mm to 2000mm in diameter Besides having fewer elements.

The size usually means that the tails are more exposed and may be damaged more easily than before.

This will translate into teams needing to carry a few spares based on Green.

“Normally we’d look at bringing five wings to some race,” he said. “I presume we are going to be up to seven to twenty eight.

“We’ll see how it goes, obviously should we start going right through them quite quick we’ve got to consume more than this.”

“Budget-e it’s most likely exactly the same because they are definitely easier and cheaper to fabricate.

“So we’re going to end up carrying a great deal more wings spares, a lot more.”

Green reckons when running close to other 32, drivers will need to be cautious at the beginning of this year’s races to prevent losing parts of the wing.

“they have been a great deal wider, so much more susceptible to damage,” Green said. “We’re already taking the bottoms off over kerbs and we’re not really pushing them quite difficult.

“The drivers will have to be pretty wary of these going into Turn 1 on the initial lap.”


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