Frank Mir is currently considering legal actions against USADA — and the — in light of some recent changes about the ’s anti-doping policy.

For failing a drug test for a metabolite of the substance oral 31, mir has been suspended two years by USADA at April 2017. Considering USADA is now approaching positive tests for the longterm metabolite of the steroid,” Mir told that the Russian website RT that he could be considering a suit.

Jon Jones. Mir’s favorable evaluation is due to a March 2016 sample collection.

Jones was suspended — such as Mir — 15 months in his USADA case mediation, for the drug evaluation in July 2017. The difference is Jones continues to get the M3 longterm metabolite pop-up (or ldquo;heartbeat ”-RRB- in certain drug-test results, but perhaps maybe not others.

Both the Mir and Jones have vehemently denied intentionally ingesting any banned chemicals.

There are other famous athletes that experienced similar situation with the M3 longterm metabolite: Grant Dawson along with Muslim Salikhov

At the instances of Dawson and Salikhov, USADA cleared both after not exactly yearlong investigations since the agency believes it cannot understand when they ingested the substance plus it could have been a well time before they entered in to the and the USADA application. As with Jones, a belief is that neither is currently gaining some performance-enhancing benefits.

“As a consequence of the extra investigations, SMRTL unearthed that an out-of-competition sample Mir provided on February 5, 2016, that had previously been reported to USADA as negative for the presence of illegal substances, was also favorable for the exact longterm DHCMT metabolite present in Mir’s in-competition sample,” the USADA statement said during the moment.

3-9, mir, was critical at the RT meeting therefore change in policy involving announcing policy offenses. Before summer, the announced possible offenses (or positive drug tests) if these were reported on the promotion by USADA. Before making any announcements about even a lack or offenses thereof now, the will wait patiently until the investigation and adjudication process.

Mir’s violation was announced to the people when the drug test’s result came back. Novitzky has confessed that the was wrong to create those announcements in front of you complete investigation.

Tom Lawlor last year only weeks before his USADA suspension was going to be up.

A request for comment in the USADA on Mir’s comments Wednesday night, was not immediately returned.

Mir (18 13 ) asked for his release by the and has been allowed it in July 2017. He announced he had signed together with Bellator A month later. A Las Vegas native, mir, have been for 15 years with the , dating back to 2001.


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