Maidana’s righthand hitting power seems as fatal as. Each time he throws that you can tells it’s filled with large power. There’s not any fall away from the power before he retired from that Maidana had. If anything, Maidana might be punching. He’s gotten elderly, and also the extra burden he’s Puton seems added to his power. Maidana doesn’t plan on fighting at middleweight though. He’s going to get to lose weight slowly so that his power doesn’as he has near to his fighting weight in the mid-160s, t evaporate. Maidana fought in the 140 and 147 pound weight classes, but he’d re-hydrate to the 160s.

The motions that Maidana is currently using would be Tyson-esque, and it’s gong for always a delight for the fans to watch they are used by him when he turns to the ring for his come back. There’ll be a lot of interest in watching Maidana and Broner face each other 18, from fans. Maidana gave his first career loss to Broner also took lots a lot of the atmosphere out of his livelihood from knocking him in winning a 12 round unanimous selection. Broner hasn’t.


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