World champion coach Booth continues to be considered as one of the highest minds from the match and he is confident teaming up with MTK Global can help bring major honours.

Booth said: “Getting to learn MTK Global throughout the previous year through working with Michael Conlan, it’s genuine pleasure to have such a company helping me with stable and my enterprise of talented fighters.

“Business consistently grows and, even after working for twenty years, having MTK Global being an advisor will probably undoubtedly be an essential asset to continue adapting from the world’s landscape. ”

MTK President Bob Yalen added: “It’s always a joy working with someone of Adam’s prestige and respect within the activity, also I’m delighted to welcome three fighters of this calibre of Burnett, Kelly and Eubank to the MTK Global family.

“I am confident that MTK Global will play an essential part in guiding them and Each of 3 fighters are world operators. ”


After connecting up with trainer Jamie Moore and MTK Global unbeaten IBO light weight winner Chantelle Cameron is excited about her future chances in the ring.

Cameron (8-0-KO5) currently trains along with a number of her MTK Global Warriors like , Conrad Cummings and Steven Ward, also she’s raring to move in front of her reunite after this year.

Cameron said: ldquo;Everybody is moving with MTK Global today therefore it had been the best move for me personally.

“It’s great to join Jamie Moore and I feel like I have to have been a long time ago. Tomorrow I could box and that I rsquo;d be confident with my brand new team within my own corner.

“They’r e a crowd and they’ve helped me a whole lot today. I’m ready for a date.

“I looked at coping with Jamie for some time and I knew it would be the best move for me personally. It’rsquo; r e sparring s been good to watch another guys in the fitness center if they.

“Seemingly until it had been very hard to complement me , therefore hopefully with MTK world wide today it is likely to be somewhat more easy to get me matched.


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