The Football Union is currently considering scrapping the England Sevens team in favour of a the uk side because of its problems.

The RFU is currently in the midst of cost-cutting because of lower than expected revenues, resulting in more than 60 staff.

1 solution is to combine with Wales and Scotland to form a GB side on a permanent basis, According to the Olympics.

“The sevens programme is still one option we are looking at,” a spokeswoman said.

“Moving into your Team GB model makes sense considering the fact that sevens is an Olympic sport.”

The adult men’s and women’s teams would be affected by any change.

“We have been very evident for some time that we will need to reduce costs in 2019-2020 since our revenues have not risen in line with your original forecasts,” the spokeswoman added.

“You will find a broad selection of options under conversation round the game, the community match, and our overall overheads.

“Any budget cuts from 2019-2020 come later years of recording investment at the skilled and community game”


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