While had accomplished its objective of finishing top of F1 last year, questions were raised across the amount of its in-season development in contrast to closest competitions and .

“I’m pretty sure we never have made advancements,” he also said adding that ’s upgrade plan couldn’t match the major measures that propelled its lead competitions.

, who’s came to partner Hulkenberg in 2019 from RedBull, said he “expects good things” from the outfit in this year’s development race.

“” I feel the doctrine this year will probably be quite different so much as the upgrades we get,” he also maintained.

“” I feel the structuring and also the plan is going to change, and also their doctrine on things to bring when to bring it. I feel that is going to change.

“I trust the process and will be part of that, and expect we are staying in front of this curve. ”

Together with F1 teams looking again about signs of testing in , in-season development will likely be key to their struggle stands outside.

is known to possess augmented its factory in prep for 2019 in Enstone, in order to prevent improvement struggles.

About making advancement with all the RS19 its manager states the range afforded by the regulations also gives more optimism to the team.

“We put a lot of effort to our cycle programmes and aero programmes, therefore we’ll be attempting put those profits on the vehicle and to get through things as quick as we could. ”

believes advancement will come from continuous work although the French manufacturer has maintained it’s already made a “large ” measure of progress in the offseason.

“” I thinkin ways, the most exciting thing about is that the past couple of years it is not any secret that we have for ages been playing catch-up with the power unit, therefore the positive together with that is we always feel there is more to gain than others,” stated.

“So from I believe that in that development and shall obviously always stay positive we continue closing the difference and can come across a bit more in the season. ”


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