Some thing very infrequent happened while in the on Thursday.

Not only did the Tampa Bay Lightning shed, but they have been closed out by the Minnesota Wild on ice. Even the 3-0 defeat marked the Lightning’s 13th law decrease in 2013, and only the second time all season they were held scoreless.

By March 8 any team as the 2004-05 lockout, Tampa Bay has the most victories Together with 51 wins in 6-8 games. The 2015 16 Washington Capitals will be the next closest competition, with 49 wins through this date.

This week’s installment features two teams on the up swing. To begin with, Blues forward Ryan O’Reilly talks about the remarkable turn around in St. Louis this season (12:20). Linda Cohn of adds her ideas onto the Blues, also Jordan”Winnington” (23:57). Plus, how was Greg’strip into Long Island to get John Tavares’ reunite (29:16)? Then, we catch up with Vegas defenseman Shea Theadore, that talks about Year Two for its Golden Knights franchise (37:45). Song »

It’s not easy to put the season of the Lightning . There was no salary cap before 2005-06 season, also ties existed until the 2004-05 lockout. We did not have access to statistics which could provide us a far more accurate depiction of a team’s dominance. The stats like scoring speeds, taken on taken locations and attempts we all use today did not develop until 2007 08 into prominence for its public.

So as we head down the last stretch of the season, we are able to compare with the quad to teams of their. Are they truly the very best team at the era that is analytics? Or have things simply bounced their way? And what would be the chances the quad collect and finally get over the hump their very first Stanley Cup since 2003-04?


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