have now been refused a request while they appeal against the punishment handed out by Fifa to suspend a transport ban.

The Blues are prohibited for breaking up rules over the registering of foreign players from registering new players until January 20 20.

have appealed against this decision and deny any wrong doing.

However, Fifa says measures that would see the transport ban frozen throughout the appeal procedure have been denied by it.

were charged after Fifa said it saw breaches at 29 cases out of 92 researched, for example the of striker Bertrand Traore, now at Lyon.

The Blues also have been fined £460,000, as the Football Association has been fined £390,000.

Involving Spanish clubs, in previous instances, Fifa has relaxed the measures for example transfer bans were not enforced throughout the appeal procedure.

The ban, which covers two transport windows, will not connect with the club women’s and teams and does not prevent the release of players.

More to follow along.


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