The initiative, which wasn’t mentioned in Thursday’s WMSC bulletinhas to be passed by an e-vote of the F1 Commission to be added before the primary race into the Sporting Regulations.

It might go to the Commission prior to the WMSC, also had already gone through the Sporting Working Group and the Strategy Group. So the approval procedure was reversed on this occasion, the e-vote wasn’t completed beforehand.

additionally awards a place for fastest lap, however unlike at the allelectric show, in f-1 the bonus point will be granted in the event ends nervous in the top ten.

That is always to stop drivers that are outside the points and with nothing to reduce making a last minute stop for tyres.

F-1 is taken by the shift straight back as a point was awarded for fastest lap across the first 10 years of their World Championship at 1950-and rsquo;5 9.

When Mike Hawthorn pipped Stirling Moss it had been essential to this results in 1958.

To setting fastest lap at 2008 had an excess point been granted, Felipe Massa would’ve beaten compared to this year’s name – with the proviso that not one of the drivers were competing that grading fastest lap was important.

That’s the only case since 2000 where the drivers’ winner would have altered.