Formula 1 is set to modify its platform this year giving a spot to the driver who sets the fastest lap at a grandprix.

The move is a part of a bid to make F1 more appealing and increase ences.

The idea was discussed by bosses of f 1 after it threw up together of many proposals that might add races and extra attention.

It is expected to be supported before the season-opening race at next weekend.

The move has been approved by the ’s world motor sport council (WMSC)and also a key legislative body, but still needs to be signed off with 2 farther bodies – the strategy bunch of leading teams, f 1 and , and the F1 Commission, a body which the , teams, sponsors and circuits possess representation.

Approval is anticipated to be a formality, especially as the idea was discussed with the strategy group and approved prior to visiting the WMSC.

It will be the very first time a place has been given for its fastest lap of the F1 World Championship at 1950-59.

The sensation is the change could add attention near the end of a race, when the action can tend to die down following a conclusion of the pitstops.

Bosses accept there could be downsides to the idea – such as for example a tournament being determined by a point that is fastest lap, or perhaps even a title competitor’s team-mate,” who’s not in championship contention, setting a fastest lap to con a rival from another team.

However, the impression was that drivers and most teams would be conscious of this problem and any of them may decide to take action.

The idea has been one of several that have been placed to fans in surveys conducted by f 1.

The feedback was that it was an idea worth speaking, and F1 stakeholders concluded that it will be embraced.