drivers and were running fourth and fifth in Melbourne this past season but retired from the race at quick series after their initial pit stops.

The team responded by tweaking system and its pitstop crew but team supervisor Gunther Steiner has shown that it ran lots of work over winter to make sure it’s totally prepared with this year’s season opener.

“We obviously haven’t forgotten last year’s pit stops in , which went wrong,” he said.

“This year we’ve put lots of focus on coming prepared. We attracted a 2018 car build in Italy daily so that we can train and focus with pit stops.

“We did exactly the exact same at , as the current car is not always readily available for pitstop clinic when you test.

“Every day the whole crew practiced approximately 10 to 1 2 pit stops every day”

While it did not head the time in testing in investigation of its performance implies may be the favourite to be fourth quickest in .

It did suffer with the spate of small reliability conditions that cost it all mileage, but Grosjean said he had been invited by early operation of the VF-19, which he called a”very sexy” and”amazing” car.

“The most important thing was to get a fantastic feeling in the vehicle early on,” he said. “When you get that great sense, you realize the motor vehicle is wellborn.

“That’s important to begin the growing summer season, to be able to begin on a highquality. We are working well to form out them, although reliability, we had a few troubles.


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