Former Kentucky linebacker may be the winner of the Chuck Bednarik Award for outstanding defensive player of the year. 

Josh Allen climbed up in Montclair, New Jersey — 14 miles from the New York Jets‘ center, 11 kilometers from the New York Giants‘ offices. Therefore, being a young child, did he root for that green or blue?

Neither, actually.

“I saw the superbowl when they played with the Seahawks [2006] and just saw all the guys, said,’Yeah, I love them’ This has been my first memory of [the] though, so just stuck with it and I enjoy the color, therefore I was like,’I am a Steelers fan.'”

Allen wont have a opportunity to play with his favorite childhood team, that own the 20th pick in the draft, however there’s a decent shot he will end up using the Jets (No. 3 pick). They covet an edge rusher and also Allen is widely considered among the draft’s top 3 players.

The Jets and Allen met at the scouting combine, plus so they and he probably will match until the draft, either at his pro day on March 22 or with a trip to Florham Park. Allen said he came out with a good feeling with the Jets in s from his first sitdown.

“It was a fantastic interview,” he explained. “You understand, every different meeting was good as well. We talked a great deal of football and it had been good for them to become familiar with the individual. I feel as though it went really well”

The Jets wont hold his allegiance that is black-and-gold . He’s too good a player and he’s a great fit within an outside linebacker in their 3-4 scheme.

“That is what I did throughout college,” Allen stated. “I played with 3 4 my entire livelihood, so I am used to it, however I really could play a 43 defensive end. [I’ve] got practices. I might possibly be a real help to any team”

Allen solidified his status at the combine, running the 40-yard dashboard in 4.63 seconds at 6-foot-5, 263 pounds. Those numbers, coupled with his strong college résumé, should make him a choice. He had 17 sacks last season, the most in a season with an SEC player since the NCAA started counting sacks in 2000.

The draft brings him to New Jersey.


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