midfielder Jorginho has commended the iuence of the”amazing” mum on his career.

The Italy said it was his mother instead of dad who drove his own love of football for a kid.

A video of Maria Freitas wearing down in tears of joy after seeing shirts went viral in August.

“There are no words to describe her,” he explained.

Speaking to Football Focus, -born Jorginho, a £57m signing from past summer, said:”How could I never speak about her? It’s not possible to mention my mum. She is, is and will remain amazing – everything that she still does personally and that she has done for me personally. We are very close.

“She was the only getting me to emphasise soccer. My dad has helped in other ways but my mum was the one telling me grabbing the ball :’Come ! Let’s practise now. Let’s go. Right, right, left, left.’

“I’d kick up the ball and she would be like:’No, control it like this.’ So it wentmany afternoons at the beach.”

Speaking about the video of his mother seeing Chelsea shirts bearing his name available for the first timehe added:”Look at her! I am never tired with this video. I’ve got it on my phone and I watch it since it’s amazing.

“Each time I visit a match, many times I watch it. It gives strength to me, you realize. It really does. You can easily see in her saying a film within her head with everything that we’ve already been.

“It hasn’t been easy. You will find difficult times in my career, in my narrative, and she happens to be in my side. When I watch her it gives a lot of energy and strength to me. I think it was a dream for me and that we’ve lived.

“Today I’m a dream and it’s not only mine. It’s my sister’s, my mom’s, my dad’s, it is really a dream for the ones that like me, even for people around me. That’s the reason why I am so focused on this dream and it’s wonderful.”


See the Entire meeting with Jorginho on Football Focus on Saturday, 9 March in 12:00 GMT.


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