Lorenzo was second at the day opening practice session in Qatar, monitoring only Yamaha’s .

Although Lorenzo then slumped to 11th from the day FP2 session, Marquez named the three-time winner as the riders who surprised him during Friday’s actions — although he’d concede he had not studied other cyclists’ lap-times.

“Once you begin in FP1 already [upward ] there, that usually means you have the bike, you work in a good way, so he’ll soon be fast. ”

When the comments of Marquez were placed to him, Lorenzo said: “I was also astonished about my laptime, and also so the center [ease] to make this laptime initially. ”

And despite falling from the top 10 in the classification in FP2 — which means he is very likely to need to fight through the opening segment of qualifying Saturday — Lorenzo was very satisfied with his Friday performance.

“I feel that people have a potential that is big but still we have been nicely, but still we aren’t close to that potential, which I believe that people may arrive [to], so that is a fantastic sign.

“In colder weather states we did not possess the best set up possible for all those conditions. Much better during the day than on the night.

“we truly will need to know, to improve the bike from those states, so as able to be more competitive, however I’ve the feeling we could be extremely competitive if we find the perfect feeling. ”

Both Marquez and Lorenzo are still nursing injuries heading into the season opener, however, was especially concerned.

Marquez, who set the newest Qatar lap album in FP2 and headed nearest rival Maverick Vinales by almost half another, said he “already forgot” the accident.

“I feel on the bike, even I feel in the [preseason ] test,” he said. “from the shoulder ] the power [ At the test in certain areas was not enough however today I sensed better.

“Still even in certain areas I want to improve just a bit but today isn’t any difficulty just like I desire to ride. ”

Marquez admitted that his race pace from Qatar needed work.

“we truly will need to maintain shoving and working the race distance.

“In case you see FP2, I start very superior then on second run I am struggling somewhat but we were trying a completely different bike and we return back to our typical bike that I felt [together with ].

“Still, we will need to improve there to make an effort and be more consistent and faster because our target would be to fight to victory and that podium on Sunday. ”

Additional coverage by Oriol Puigdemont

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