The ’s main of referees defended his team Friday in the wake of controversy on how it affected the outcome of the Oklahoma City Thunder‘s overtime win on the Portland trailblazers a night earlier in the day.

Monty McCutchen, the ’s vice president of Faith development and training and also a longtime veteran official, indicated that those officials are the first to step up and acknowledge they were incorrect.

“We understand we’re going to be imperfect at times,” McCutchen said. “which really is some of the times.”

The Blazers lost starting centre Jusuf Nurkic close to the close of law after skirmishes with Russell Westbrook and Paul George, the 2nd of which was sparked with a George elbow to Nurkic’s head in the fourth quarter. The drama that did not draw a call — or a foul.

McCutchen told The Jump that it was a missed call by Mark Lindsay, Ed Malloy and also Mitchell Ervin’s team. Though that has been arguable, mcCutchen added it should have been an offensive foul and could’ve been a flagrant and he did not think it justified that.

McCutchen cited the ebbs and flows with the demand and also a long season to resist the fatigue that may lower the pub how games are called.

“We are going to uphold the standards to get a nightly basis,” McCutchen said.

Nurkic, after needing a pair of time outs to get himself after the elbow, has been fouled during a struggle to rally a Damian Lillard miss. He thought he was hit on by George and confronted George forehead to forehead, and both players brought technicals — Nurkic’s 2nd, end his evening.

At the extra session, Nurkic’s absence loomed large. The Thunder went repeatedly at Blazers back-up Enes Kanter with pick-and-rolls, outscoring Portland 16 8 in overtime to win going away. Oklahoma City defeated Portland shooting a season-high 47 free throws in 2013. Lillard and George took 20 free throws surpassing their career-high marks.

Oklahoma City, that had lost five out of six matches, moved one game before the Blazers in the crowded Western Conference standings, with the Houston Rockets sandwiched between the two division rivals. Portland players still expressed hope then that the two teams might meet in the very first round of the playoffs, although the Thunder swept the season series 4-0. If this is this is the case, expect more flareups after the whistle.


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