For rushing towards the helicopter accident which killed Leicester owner , peter Schmeichel has spoken.

Since he watched the catastrophe at the King Power 20, left compliments for his reaction on 27 October.

“You don’t rush to your burning helicopter, but this is what he did,” explained Schmeichel Snr.

“His instinct is the thing that makes me most proud – and – fearful.

Schmeichel states that the impact it had on the team supposed manager Claude Puel was only dismissed by Leicester on 2-4 February as a last resort.

He was back home in when the accident happened – and found out about its intensity once Kasper rang.

“As a dad, you decide to try to help your children and guide them through as best possible with the life experiences you own,” added that the former goalkeeper.

“But there’s nothing that prepares you to be a witness to being the dad of somebody who was, or being the CEO or the director of football in a football team [in this situation].”

The wreck killed all four people on board, which is the Dane is convinced there was no h to have the trauma created by the dismissal of Puel four weeks later.

“It has been a very hard time for the soccer team ” added Schmeichel.

“That’s the reason what happened a week was something they did not desire to do. I’m sure they did not desire to do this before summer.”

Given Leicester have sacked three managers in less than three seasons because their murderous name success in 2016, it has been suggested one of Rodgers’ first tasks is to divide a group of experienced players who’ve already been blamed for general unrest in the dressingroom.

is one of the strongest personalities but his dad feels that the notion of’player power’ being strange to Leicester.

“we’re dealing with a different world now,” he explained.

“Everybody has their own little media station – they have YouTube, face book, Insta-gram. Immediately you can communicate with the world.

“In case you are in that position as a footballer you eventually become more successful – that isn’t really just a Leicester thing, that’s a completely general thing.”


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