ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Motorsports giant Roger Penske revealed Friday that he received a kidney transplant shortly after the 20 17 IndyCar season finale.

Even the 82-year-old owner of Team Penske and Penske Corp. kept the transplant confidential and has been working and at the race track roughly 10 days after the procedure.

It came up since Tim Cindric, president of Team Penske, had been discussing their stylish replacement operation done at the Mayo Clinic at Rochester, Minnesota. Cindric noted health practitioners had him using a walker four weeks and that prompted Penske to reveal his transplant.

“When I did that transplant, we’re up at the end of your afternoon. They said,’Would you get right up and walk over to the window?”” Penske said. “Next day, I am within my son’s room. They make you moving. It’s wonderful. It’s a fantastic spot, great spot.”

The transplant came only a day or two after Penske driver Josef Newgarden won the IndyCar name.


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