A-Lex Lohore believes his experience in spoiling big nights for hometown favorites will soon continue to work in his favor after he first clashes with Nicolas Dalby at Copenhagen for its Cage Warriors interim welterweight title on Saturday night.

Cage Warriors gold was first maintained by dalby but on track for another crack at an belt, two wins from the bank on his old stomping ground includes him following a stint with the . Lohore signed Cage Warriors due to the path the promotion paves for the and also he knows that a win over a guy who has bagged the Octagon at years past in addition to held a coveted Cage championships title, will put him on the radar of the world’s flagship pro motion.

Dalby will not be the first former fighter Lohore has pitted himself against. Two years ago, “Da Killa Kid” took a win within finalist Colin Fletcher

“” I know he said he’s going to shoot my thoughts off, however, none of these guys want to hit me with mepersonally, ” Lohore explained. “” I can tell by what he’therefore he will 100 percent decide to try and take down me and strive to do the Terry Brazier thing where he only tries to keep down me …but he’s not going to operate with me. If he does, it will be a great thing because we’ll have a fantastic fight and somebody else.

“You never know, not on the evening time, as he’s into his hometown, the crowd is going to give him a little more energy, a little more strength, therefore he will 100 percent attract a little more than that which he normally does, nonetheless nevertheless it ’s maybe not gonna be enough.

“I was left for thisparticular. I enjoy it, especially when I’m fighting off from home and also when every one is against me that’s when I fight in my very best. ”

Being a French fighter who rose to prominence at the U.K., Lohore isn’t a stranger to being on enemy soil. Not even close to being intimidated by his adversary’s hometown supportthat he relishes the notion of silencing the collecting.


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