All this is exactly the reason why he says he doesn’have no regrets about fighting Cormier to your name on short note.

“Maybe not at all, I know I’m just not starting out,” he told MMA Fighting. “I had trained for all those previous two fights, I’d trained because of them. I felt in shape with all the DC fight than that I did for the [Alexander] Volkov fight. Maybe because I didn’t even have any time off [between], and I just felt in shape.

“And something like that happens, and that I just started to pick up the pace in the fight. It stinks. I guess he sensed it I came forward, throwing combos and stuff to come in and take for the takedown, kicking and pushing the pace. ”

Le lost to Cormier with a second-round rear-naked choke, losing for just the next competition in his last 11 fights. Five weeks later, he’s saddled with the task of getting back to title contention against the perennial contender dos Santos, who himself has received a lifetime career resurgence with two victories. What does he expect?

Saturday’s chief event is charged as a fight between two barbarous knockout artiststhough it’s for five rounds — that the fight won’t last long. In case, the Le says he’been training because of his bounce back fight as if it is going to move the distance.

“” I understand he’s going to have cardio because of this particular fight,” he said. “That’s among those things we tried to prepare to receive the most, is lasting five rounds.

Le, who has earned a sort of cult following throughout the last few years with a series of striking come-from-behind knockouts along with funny interviews, is currently looking to have emphasise his return on contendership. In a few ways, he’s looking to find out where he left off before Cormier. He had been coming from a memorable knockout of Alexander Volkov in UFC 229 — a overdue third-round attack he termed a million-dollar punch — and a victory within the currently surging Francis Ngannou.

To most useful a former winner like dos Santos would put him back towards the most effective, perhaps even at the door step of Stipe Miocic to get a name eliminator. That part can wait to play with out with itself. For today he’s O to be more fighting in this case, +.

Le — who has flirted with the notion of retirement in the past — says he’s going to be sticking across the ’s division for quite a long moment.

One of those things Le has been doing effortlessly since debuting against Jack may possibly in 2014 is handle the spotlight with a silent sense of humor. Not only has he shown the poise in the future straight in fights, but he has treated each position by headlining his original Fight Night to headlining MSG within his fight, against Shamil Abdurakhimov — with aplomb.

In fact, he downplays the need for his struggles. That name bout with Cormier in MSG was another fight in the lead-up.

He is down playing the stakes with dos Santosat least in the grand scheme of future name shots along with orders. Why? It’so he doesn’t overemphasize the moment. Plus it’s dence.


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