Bivol, 28, doesn’t hold the very exact kind of punching ability that Smith Jr. has going for himbut he makes up for this along with his own keen accuracy, higher punch output, and his own ability to stay out of harm’s way when needed. One thing which Smith Jr. has going for him would be not any one is expecting anything from him. The 29-year-old Smith Jr. has been brought into as the competitor, and now he ’SA significant underdog. The main one with the pressure on him tonight is Bivol, who’s seen as the next major star in the 175 pounds weight branch. Bivol has a lot of people worked up about his potential, plus they can’t wait to see him face the better fighters in the 175 lb weight division like Marcus Browne, Sergey Kovalev, and Artur Beterbiev. Those fighters are all with various promoters, plus they fight on networks compared to Bivol. If any one of these fights do happen, it may require a miracle.

Bivol wants Saul Canelo Alvarez, also he’s trusting that his promoter can set that up in the near future if he keeps winning. Canelo says he hes to challenge himself by taking on the ideal. Bivol respects that caliber out of Canelo, however it was seen if the fight could possibly occur between them. Bivol’s capacity to shed down in weight which makes it feasible for him to fight guys in the 168 lb weight class. It’s likely that Bivol might have to be met fighting other super-middleweights in the place of Canelo, who’s attempting to unite the middleweight division right now. If a fight between Canelo and Bivol takes from the long run, it will only happen after the fighter becomes a superstar at the exact same amount as Gennady Golovkin reaches at. To achieve that kind of fame, Bivol needs to fight more frequently, and he wants to focus on scoring more knock outs. He wants to sit back on his shots only just a tad bit more, and maybe never be satisfied with winning by a determination. Bivol was disappointing in his final contest in needing to really go the full 12 round space to defeat 36-year-old prior WBC 175 pound winner Jean Pascal by a 12 round unanimous decision last November. Pascal looked great at Bivol’s no expenditure during stretches in that fight. Bivol got the triumph, but he didn’t impress in any way.

There’s pressure on Bivol tonight to do the job Smith Jr., also make it seem easy. Bivol is going to want to take the fight to Smith Jr. in order to impress the fans and the media. It won’t be sufficient for Bivol to remain externally during the night, Smith Jr. and which makes him look bad. Bivol needs to consider the fight to him and get him out from that time.

Smith Jr. can be easily the greatest puncher Bivol could have fought up to now. Smith Jr. could change things rapidly tonight if heor even rsquo;s in a position to land among the big PowerShots. The Long Island fighter’s power leaves him a threat to beating Bivol.

Bivol has been doing sparring with former WBC super middleweight champion David Benavidez, that is among the biggest punchers in the 168 lbs branch, and which should enable him be ready for Smith’s power tonight. Benavidez’s punching power is similar to Smith Jr’s power, however he’s less volatile as him. Bivol knows what he’s getting himself right into tonight in-fighting Smith Jr., therefore he shouldn’t be amazed if he starts getting hit by his big PowerShots.

“I’m not really a big guy for Light-Heavyweight, also that I am able to make Super-Middleweight, also that I said many times that I need the big fights,” said Bivol. “That I mean I want to fight for belts. If a person has a belt in Super-Middleweight or Light-Heavyweight branch, I would be happy to fight . ”

After speaking, there can be interest from the super middleweight and light heavyweight champions to fight Bivol. It depends mostly on how well Bivol looks, and also how much buzz is created from this triumph.

There are arguably much better fighters compared to Smith Jr. which Bivol could have fought. All these are fighters which Bivol should be facing right now to boost his star power: Marcus Browne, Sullivan Barrera, Felix Valera, Sven Fornling and Joshua Buatsi. Bivol has already beaten Valera and Barrera, which makes it pointless for him to manage either of these guys . Buatsi (9-0, 7 KOs) gets the experience at the expert level to be pitched to the ring with Bivol at the moment. He’therefore perhaps not ready to fight him yet, but in the future a fight between the both of them is a distinct possibility.

“I know Callum Smith has a belt, also I would like to fight him if he would like to, and if our promoters could make this particular fight. I’m open for every fight for that belt now. There are several names who have straps. To the very top ten in Lightheavyweight and Super-Middleweight: I’m ready to battle,” Bivol said.

A fight against Callum Smith can be a clear possibility for Bivol, however don’t expect it to happen soon. Matchroom USA/ promoter is trying to show Smith, 28, to some superstar, and then he ’s definitely not going to want to mess that up by letting him fight a talented guy like Bivol. Smith won the World Super Series super middleweight tournament this past year in beating George Groves by a 7th round knock out. Smith won over a great deal of fans in the UK by winning the championship. Should Hearn allowed ’s Smith fight Bivol, he’ll likely miss to the Russian, and his fans will likely jump ship.

Smith Jr. is a Great fighter with wins over Bernard Hopkins and Andrzej Fonfara. He revealed in those two fights he can hop onto some guy, and burst them out when he sees an opportunity. It’s going to be much more difficult undertaking for Smith to use and do the very exact same task contrary to an excellent operator like Bivol. Hopkins was a half century old when Smith Jr. fought him, and Fonfara was little more than a pure slugger without the defensive abilities to speak of. Smith Jr. captured Fonfara using a significant shot while he was in the middle of throwing a punch, and he was severely hurt. Smith Jr. then finished Fonfara. Had the two fought each other a second time. It might have ended with Fonfara winning.

Smith’s odds of winning this fight aren’t that great. Bivol’s strong punch immunity will need away Smith’s capacity to knock him out with whatever big. Minus the capacity to knock-out Bivol, Smith Jr. will soon probably be stuck having to take care of the Russian fighter’s high hit output, also this ’s going to make it a wildest struggle. Smith may end up getting knocked out tonight if he doesn’t perform a far better job of defending himself than he did in his loss to Sullivan Barrera in 20 17. This writer sees Bivol winning by a lopsided 12 round unanimous decision over Smith Jr.. It’ll be a competitive game, however Bivol’s superior talent will shine through, and then he ’ll eventually be too talented because of him.

LesPierre, 34, has never tasted defeat before, also he’s going to be going all out to attempt to pull an upset in this fight. Hooker is coming off an amazing seventh round knockout win over Alex Saucedo Jr. on November 16 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Hooker beat the tremendously leveraged Saucedo Jr. in their hometown in pulling off a significant upset. Inside his fight until that Hooker, defeated former WBO 135 pound winner Terry Flanagan by a 12 round split decision to win the vacant WBO light welterweight title last June.

These two can’t manage to lose whenever they want to stay highly ranked to have a title shot. Johnson demonstrated he could hang Beterbiev. Johnson had a chance to knock-out Beterbiev in the next round after damaging himbut he let the chance slip away by neglecting to go after him. Without doubt, Johnson has world-class punching power, however he doesn’t fight frequently enough to take advantage of his ability. Johnson’SA fighter who has got the power to go far if they could keep busy. Johnson needs to increase his defensive kills in order he doesn’t get nailed as much as he was getting hit by Beterbiev.

Although Dawejko, 28, is coming to this contest having lost his last two fights against Andrey Fedosov and Bryant Jenningshe’s a threat to beating the 31-year-old Kuzmin as a result of energy he possesses. Dawejko may be the younger guy, and he’ll want to press Kuzmin.

Unbeaten junior middleweight prospect Israil Madrimov (1-0, inch KOs) is likely to soon be back inside the ring in a 10 round fight against knockout artist Frank Rojas (24-2, 23 KOs) in a 10 round fight. Madrimov, 24, is some guy that’s considered the next world champion in the making. Madrimov, that comes in Uzbekistan, got ability and awesome abilities. This is going to be fun fight to observe how Madrimov does against a fighter with huge power in Rojas. The Venezuelan KO artist has lost only twice in his career to Cameron Hammond and Jose Benavidez Jr.. Those are good boxers. Benavidez Jr. never gave Rojas a chance to get his offense going in that fight. Madrimov will soon probably want to get Rojas out from there quickly to earn a positive impression on the U.S fans, lots which is seeing him for the first time.


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