Coming from two losses to begin his year at 2018, featherweight prospect Fernando Padilla was needing having back on track if he expect to fight on the national stage.

Luckily, Padilla was ready to shut this past year with a win in October, and then began to build a winning series this season week January with a TKO of Donald Sanchez in LFA 5-8.

“I had a really terrific training camp for that fight and made weight extremely easily,” Padilla told “” I believe that the fight went just about perfectly as well, almost exactly as planned.

“I think that it was my very best performance yet, and that I think I impressed lots of people. Things could often be improved, though, so that’s I’m looking to show in my next fight. ”

Ever since making his pro debut in 2015, Padilla has averaged a fight just about every three months, and it is a level of activity that suits him just fine.

“I don’t think I could ever fight a great deal,” said Padilla. “Obviously there are times when it’s most useful to break — that I ’m not going to be more fighting every two weeks — however if you are accident free, why not?

This Saturday at Los Angeles,” Padilla (12-3) can appear to grow his winning streak when he takes on Spike Carlyle (5-1) at a 145-pound major card bout in c-xf 17.

“Spike is a pretty strong wrestler, however that I don’t have a lot of notions about him” Padilla explained. “I’ve been working hard and improving each single day; a fight is a fight; I’m anticipating the one and’m quite happy to have it.

“To win this fight, I think I’ve got to continue to keep my distance, maintain my punches coming, so hitting him with knees and kicks. Just like my last fight, just a little less mad — more control. ”

For Padilla, having gotten himself back on course, the goal currently is to push his career to another level before the close of 20-19.

“I’ve been mentioning it for some time; I really trust that this really is my last fight perhaps maybe not at the ,” said Padilla. “At the end of the year, I’d like to be at the best 15 on the planet in my own weight class. ”


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