Lorenzo, not fully recovered from a wrist injury sustained during training from the winter, had an hefty crash during Saturday morning’s third clinic session, even high-siding off his bike Turn 6.

He had been shot to the gym but had been declared fit to last, moving on to take 15th in FP4 and looking well-placed to progress from the very first portion of qualifying in to Q 2.

However, the Spaniard dropped again in Q1, this time around 2, probably the most crucial point of this trail during the shifting conditions through the nighttime – which had led passengers to call to a prior race starttime.

With the race set to start at 8pm local time on Sunday, Lorenzo believes it’s going to likely be”survival” for all especially for himas he’s got pain in his back, wrist, fingers and feet.

“[It will be] a survival race for everyone,” said Lorenzo, that will begin his first race with from 15th. “But notably for me personally as a result of my inexperience with the bike along with also my exercise requirements.

“Today it’s not just the wrist but notably this back problem. Also the foot and hands, I’m in pain anywhere.

“With these states, therefore cold, it’s gonna be totally survival race for everybody in general but particularly for me”

Lorenzo included that he could undergo additional tests on Sunday, based on the way his illness changes immediately.

“We’re gonna go to sleep now and let’s see how I wake up tomorrowif I don’t so well maybe I need to do some more tests,” he explained.

“If I feel better I shall visit the trail and let’s view the race .

“It’s never been a excellent day now, very unfortunate with the very first crash because has been a mixture of factors that made me crash and was an incredibly nasty crash.

“It generated several bodily issues. Additionally in qualifying I suffer a crash as the terms we too cold. Maybe not a good evening for us”


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