At the best Fighter 28 Finale in November thanks to a successful final bout it was be a career, although for heavy weight Maurice Greene, 2018 was a year of good and the bad old.

Coming off a loss to Jeff Hughes in LFA 38 in April of last year,” Greene got an attempt on The Ultimate Fighter 28, and after dropping the semi finals was able to come back to the finals episode and pickup a win on Michel Bautista and get his way into the .

“I thought in my heart of hearts I would definitely find the job done, (but) I sought outside there, fought with five rounds, also came up short.

Greene is just like his period it has upped his game quite a bit, and on TUF was particularly beneficial to his training.

“The biggest take away from the series was the training aspect becoming ready for these coicts,” said Greene. “It’s pretty gruesome. I was able to weather the storm. I was thankful to be with all coaches and the guys we’d in the space.

“than I was when I fought with that title struggle, I came from the series a better fighter. It’therefore going to be wonderful to get one back (within my upcoming rematch with Hughes). ”

About March 9 in Wichita, Kansas, Greene (6-2) will once more face Hughes (10-1) for the next time in just over a year in a main card heavyweight showdown in on + 4.

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“” I presumed the scorecards (from the very first fight) were just a small lopsided,”” Greene said. “(Hughes) didn’t win, however that I don’t even think he beat me bad because they said he did, but anyway he won.

“” I believe it’s a excellent match-up for me. I’ve ever already been there before. I can find exactly the W. I’ve got to retain the distance, which I didn’t even the previous struggle. I’ve got to use my reach and then pick him apart. ”


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