PITTSBURGH — While Odell Beckham Jr. Danced with mates in viral videos over his $90 million contract extension with the ny Giants in August, a subplot was growing in Pittsburgh with one of Beckham’s close friends.

Rumblings began to surface that Antonio Brown took note of their new money hitting the receiver market and might like to have in on it . Brown had just signed a $72.7 million extension annually earlier, but there is an eyesight.

Brown would cash in again.

Greater than seven months later and Brown was posting pictures of agents Drew and Jason Rosenhaus working in a desk in Brown’s home as the Steelers inch closer to trading that the All-Pro receiver. Rosenhaus and Brown can hammer parameters for a new bargain with his team — even though having three years left on his contract.

To be sure, the thought that Brown sought a commerce and openly criticized his team on a fresh bargain is misguided.

However, the concurrent of Brown’s impending uniform change and the lack of fully guaranteed money on his own three remaining contract years is really hard to ignore.

Brown, who calls herself an entrepreneurused the turmoil as being a contractual spring board.

He’s working the system.

The merits of Brown’s unpredictability during the last few months might be debated, however through the prism of industry, Brown’s pulling off something quite difficult — fixing himself as a free agent while in the exact middle of a long-term extension.

And he is apparently getting away with it. He even made himself in Pittsburgh, and he has made himself elsewhere without new money.

Strategies don’t get much cooler, particularly once the Steelers had the choice to engage in hardball by hanging onto himfining him when he doesn’t reveal for camp and requesting him to back-pay $11 plus million in signing bonus proration if he tries to retire.

Only highlevel gift will make this happen. Brown essentially evaluated all of the variables and Determined to battle such situations in Pittsburgh:

Brown’s plan entailed risk, partly as the drama of the previous few months and Brown’s problems with the Steelers have turned into off some teams.

In the event the team was supplying a first-round pick — that younger and less superior receivers Amari Cooper and Brandin Cooks netted lately trades — that the Steelers probably would have achieved this bargain days past.

Brown’s look for new guarantees complicated things, so the view is teams effectively low balled that the Steelers and dared them to cover the roster incentive. The Steelers did not desire to function with an AllPro gift without significant damages. They asked teams to make their best offers by Friday, that came and went with no deal in position.

However, once Brown put his sights on a commerce, he navigated the madness together with conviction. And he appears poised to get what he wants, departing Pittsburgh to handle the aftermath.


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