Oklahoma City Celebrity forward Paul George Was fined $25,000 by the for criticizing the officiating after the Thunder’s 118-110 loss to the LA Clippers During Friday night.

“It is only awful officiating,” George said following this game. “I am sorry, simply awful officiating. We do not have a good chuckle. We haven’t gotten a good chuckle annually. … Someone’s got to look into this. It’s getting out of hand, where we somehow just walk teams into the line. And there is no body that has more contact. If I don’t speak for myself personally, I always speak for Russ. There is no body that has more contact compared to Russ going into the basket. And it’s really simply mad “

George, Russell Westbrook and Steven Adams

On Thursday night, Oklahoma City watched Portland goto the freethrow line 47 times, 1-5 more foul shots than the Thunder got in their 129-121 overtime win.

“I come out here and now that I really do my own job, and that’s to play and be a professional,” George told me Friday. “I really don’t know whether it’s Adam Silver that’s got to [look in to ] this. We expect that the officiating to be professional too.

“It’s simply got to be called right. As soon as we step on that floor, we got to feel as if we’re going to find a fair chance, and a reasonable chance. That’s what the shift [from officiating] needs to be “


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