has given her support for the US women’s football team in their own legal struggle for equal pay.

All 28 members of this team have joined a class action lawsuit contrary to the US Soccer Federation.

It claims that they shouldn’t be paid less than associates of the US men’s team.

“I do realize that the cover discrepancy is absurd,” said , a 23-time Grand Slam champion. “Thus what they are doing now is hopefully for the future of women’s soccer.”

emphasized the campaign for equality in the 1970s by the likes of multiple Grand Slam winner Billie Jean King. “I am playing as some one else awakened,” she explained.

She told reporters:”We’ve had some amazing pioneers in our sport that stood up in the’70s and said…’We’re going to get paid what the men get paid’.

“I think at any point, in most sport, you have to own those pioneers, and perhaps it’s the time for soccer.”

The US finished second to England in the SheBelieves Cup and will probably be looking to retain the World Cup, which takes place between 7 June and 7 July in France.


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