METAIRIE, La. — Teddy Bridgewater‘s market value did actually sky rocket past summer, once he performed well in the pre season and proved he had been healthy again after a leading 20-16 knee accident. Even the saints were inspired enough to trade a third-round draft pick for him personally in August, despite the fact that he had just 1 year left in his contract.

However, now that Bridgewater is only days away from being a free agent, his true market is shrinking through the week.

The Washington Redskins just agreed to a commerce to get QB instance Keenum. And also the Denver Broncos created a bargain for Joe Flacco final month.

However, draft patiently and the Dolphins would prefer to wait patiently a quarterback in 2020 or 2019.

Most of this is regrettable for Bridgewater from the short term. The prior live-in draft pick deserves another starting opportunity afterwards he went 115 in his last year as a starter with the Minnesota Vikings in 2015 and led them to the play offs.

However, it’s good news to the Saints when they would like to eventually hand their QB reins from 40-year-old Drew Brees to the 26-year-old Bridgewater.

When Bridgewater does sign someplace next week, it will create the most sense for one to sign a one- or two-year thing. That will give him the opportunity to further prove himself. As a result of the devastating knee injury he suffered in the summer of 20-16, when he tore his ACL as well as other ligaments and had damage bridgewater has started only 1 game in the previous few seasons.

It would increase his options the next time round — including a potential return to New Orleans.

In a couple of years Brees will be ready to hang this up. Or will probably be looking to get a Tom Brady successor. Or Bridgewater might possibly be reunited with nyc Giants coach Pat Shurmur, who was temporarily his offensive coordinator with the Vikings, in case the Giants decide to move on from Eli Manning. Or he is reunited with the Vikings themselves should they opt never to resign Kirk Cousins when his three-year bargain is up.

Who knows for sure, but it’so hard to imagine the market being any thinner than it is today.

And it’s also possible that Bridgewater maintain learning under coach Sean Payton and Brees and could stay stuck.

The situation aren’t right, since Brees remains playing at a high level and hasn’t even given any public indication that he is close to retiring. Plus, the Saints have only roughly $10 million in salary cap space, with some monster contracts looming for recipient Michael Thomas yet many others from the coming years. If he remained they would lose out on a compensatory draft pick for Bridgewater.

However, when the Saints watch Bridgewater as their long run at the QB position that is critical — even when he sees New Orleans being a place they can both make some sacrifices to make it work.

The Saints enjoyed Bridgewater enough that they traded the third-round pick to the nyc Jets past August to get Bridgewater and also a sixth-round pick. Part of the motivation was to fasten the backup job behind Brees. However, part of this was likee to find a look.

And Bridgewater was all they expected.

Bridgewater didn’t do in Week 17, when nearly all of the offense was being more rested. However he had been a menace to the first team defense in practice as a trashtalking scout-team QB.

The single test really teams needed was,’Just how healthy is he?’ And that’s been answered.”

But they aren’t likely to find a crack at someone else similar to that in the future. They don’t even have any picks in 4 or Rounds 1, 3 this past year. Of course, when they play to their potential, they won’t even be picking until late in Round 1 in 2020 either.

Therefore Bridgewater may be New Orleans’ best-bet after Brees for a lifetime — whether he stays or moves this week.


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