Watch Derrick Lewis vs. Junior dos Santos full combat movie from Wichita’s main event above, Thanks to on Twitter.

For more on Le vs. dos Santos, Checkout the play-by-play, Thanks to MMA Fighting’s Jose Youngs:

Herb Dean could be your next person in the Octagon for this particular slobberknocker. Dos Santos opens using a looping overhand directly but can only join to air. Stalking his opponent down, dos Santos strikes the lead leg together with seres of cries before ducking under a hook from Le. An accidental eye poke from dos Santos momentarily pauses the actions.

Whenever the fight picks back up dos Santos searches for the straight right to the body before eating a left kick into the body. After threatening with a knee, Le unloads with a straight right, overwhelmingly magnificent dos Santos.

Connecting with an over hand right, dos Santos sends Le into a knee. Popping back up, Le reacts with a counter hook into the jawand sending the crowd into a frenzy. Somehow living, dos Santos continues to push forward as Le finds himself stuck against the weapon as competitor picks continues to attack his leg. Dos Santos contrasts with a right-left combo although stuns Le with a crippling spinning back kick into the body. Bending over, clutching his waist, Le blasts dos Santos with an over hand right. Eating the shot, dos Santos continues to attack some hobbled Le as the clock closes the around.

Round 2:

Dos Santos is picking up right where he left as he cubes a left significant kick against Le. Backing Le in to the weapon, dos Santos stone him a mixture.

Derrick Le via TKO (punches) at 1:58 of R-2


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