From Jim Dower: World light heavyweight Winner (16-0, 11 KOs) put on a Master Class performance in beating slugger Joe Smith Jr. (24-3, 20 KOs) with a lopsided 12 round unanimous decision on Saturday night on at the Turning Stone Resort Casino in Verona, . Bivol, 28, had Smith Jr. in serious trouble in the closing seconds of the 12th round after damaging him with a massive right hand to the mind. Time ran out on Bivol because he had been hitting Smith Jr. at will shots.

News 24 scored it to get Bivol by the score 119-109. The single round that Smith Jr. appeared to triumph was the 10th round in which he hurt Bivol using a hard right hand on the side of their mind because the bell went away. Bivol staggered back to his corner. It had been unlucky for Smith Jr. he failed to land that shot earlier in the round. Bivol could have been around for the taking. He had been on weak thighs after carrying that punch.

“Smith needed a large heart, and a strong handson. I captured the ideal hands on the ideal side, and that I lost my balance just a little,” Bivol said in describing he had been hurt by the conclusion of their round by way of a hard right hand contrary to Smith Jr.. “It was a fantastic hard fight. Maybe if I had enough encounter. At the end of the fight, I felt like that I could knock him out. It’therefore not my goal. I want to fight intelligent fight. I’m prepared for a major fight. I fought an intelligent fight. Joe was bigger than me. Yes, of course [Bivol will make 168]. Other guys are bigger than me,” Bivol said.

The fight was in the first four weeks with Bivol catching Smith Jr. with jabs A D single left hooks and right hands typically. At the fifth round, Smith nailed Bivol having a hook hands on the side of this mind that appeared to dazzle him. Smith Jr. went after Bivol in charging him, but not catching him with anything significant. Bivol’s quick feet permitted him to break free without getting hit.

Smith was hurt in the seventh round after becoming caught with a hard left hook to the mind from Bivol. Smith bent forward and hauled on to recuperate.

At the ninth round, Bivol seemed to be on his way to winning the round if he had been caught in the final seconds by a ideal hands from Smith to the side of their mind. The shooter Bivol, that walked back to his corner shaky legs by the conclusion of the round.

At the 10th, Smith Jr. tried to make the most of Bivol being hurt by the previous round, but he was not able to get at him. Bivol maintained when Smith would develop in to punching range. Out of pity, Smith picked Bivol upward and dropped him to the canvas with an wrestling figure hit move. This resulted in the referee giving Smith Jr. a warning. The body slam looked bad enough to get Smith Jr. to become docked some point, but the referee decided to give Smith a break by not taking off a point. It didn’t even matter in the large scheme of all things. Smith was hopelessly behind on the scorecards, and then he going to get rid of anyway.

Surprisingly, Smith didn’t go after Bivol the way he had to in the 11th and 12th. The aggression which Smith Jr. wanted for him for to Bivol to Try to land a large shooter only wasn’t there

Overall, it had been a fantastic performance by Bivol, but the one which shows he’s unbeatable. He’s an outstanding fighter, but he showed tonight he can be hurt. Unfortunately, those struggles aren’t always going to become easy to make because of people guys being with unique promoters, plus they fight on different platforms. The most likely fight available to Bivol can be a game against Super World super middleweight champion Callum Smith, who is promoted by the very exact promoters he could be at Matchroom . Bivol hes to fight ‘regular’ super middleweight champion Saul Canelo Alvarez, but one will need to wait before Mexican celebrity ends trying to unify the middleweight division. There’SA chance people who Bivol and Canelo may face one another in the not too distant future after both have run out of options to big fights. It’ll be entirely up to Canelo and also his promoters at golden-boy to pick when and where that fight could happen with Bivol.


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