Six Nations: Wales v Ireland
Venue: Principality Stadium, Cardiff Date: Saturday, 16 March Kick off: 14:45 GMT

says Irish success has produced a envy one of Wales’ Grand Slam-chasing squad.

Wales want a Six Nations clean sweep by defeating Ireland in Cardiff on Saturday, using their opponents and England still able to take the 20-19 name on that last championship afternoon.

“They (Ireland) are number 2 from the planet, and their states have had lots of success from the Pro14 and in ,” said Gatland.

“Occasionally it may breed a jealousy.”

Ireland are the defending Six Nations champions while their sides have had more recent success compared to Wales with Leinster winning both the Pro14 and an dual season.

Gatland trained Ireland between 1998 and 2001 and Wales have developed a rivalry considering that the New Zealander took charge of his first match in 2008.

“The additional spice is with the Pro14 in how many players understand each other,” said Gatland.

“We all respect them hugely because of that which they have achieved. You admire them, but you’re desperate to h to overcome them.

“That sometimes creates the advantage and lots of it stems from that.

“They have been exceptionally successful. I take off my hat with their own provincial and that which they have achieved in , both the Pro14 and what the federal team has done. We have to strive to achieve that.

“That creates that rivalry. It’s nearly like a derby-type atmosphere where you want to overcome someone.

“Our number of players get exceptionally motivated to play Ireland as they want to overcome them.

“Many of these have now already been on the losing end on a number of occasions, particularly for their teams.”

Replicating England triumph

While Ireland have flourished, Wales have themselves risen to third in the world because of their own record-setting 13-match winning arrangement.

Schmidt’s negative kept their Six Nations hopes alive with a thumping bonus point triumph over France a day afterwards Wales carried outside to beat Scotland at Murrayfield.

Gatland considers Wales should reproduce their powerful performance from the 21-13 conquer England to defeat Ireland.

“There is no doubt contrary to England we were mentally directly in addition to our match, and we will need to be like that upcoming weekend,” said Gatland.

“The challenge for Ireland is that they have a team using some older and professional players; they are frequently the most dangerous because there is almost always a huge match in an experienced team.

“You don’t always get too much consequences, however when it matters they can turn on that major performance as they have done it “

Gatland would become the first Six Nations coach to win three Grand Slams if Wales win in his last match in charge of those.

“If people do so it would be incredible,” said Gatland.

“I have enjoyed my time in Wales rather than thought I’d be here for such a long time.

“I have had 10 Six Nations so when I look back I’m happy with what we have achieved concerning consistency at the Six Nations.

“We want to finish off it. Whenever someone presents you with a chance to secure a Grand Slam you want to shoot it with both hands.”


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