Scrum V looks back at a tumultuous week in Welsh football while Ospreys veteran James Hook says things are”positive” for them moving ahead.

Hook says club chiefs re assured players and backroom staff they have a long time after a proposed merger between them and Scarlets has been taken off the desk.

Ospreys chairman Rob Davies also says hints they will have major financial problems are”entirely false”.

“The most dull storyline that the Ospreys are facing facing an impending fiscal struggle is not just totally untrue, but malicious propaganda from those for whom the demise of the Ospreys are a tted advantage,” said Davies.

“The Ospreys are adequately funded for the foreseeable future and will continue to look for a more equitable supply model that, at the moment, is weighted towards subjective standard capable of improper manipulation, rather than an object formula based on impartially measurable metrics and success. ”

Watch Scrum V on-demand here.


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