“Nobody gets rid of us,” said manager Jurgen Klopp after his negative be at Burnley 4-2 on Sunday to continue to maintain the pressure on leaders .

There had already been claims that the Reds were“bottling” the title after falling off the top, currently one point behind champions City, following a run of two wins at five premierleague games – for example last Sunday’s 0-0 draw with .

“We did not have problems with confidence after the match,” Klopp said.

“you do not have to genuinely believe that all that you write comes with an effect on us – it’s not like this, the majority of the matters are not interesting for us, this is the facts. So you create a huge fuss once we score five and we would be the best attacking side in the world, then we scored nil and we have an offensive issue.”

However, taking City out of it, are having their joint-best ever – and among the most successful of some team in English top flight history.

The Way Reds’ season rankings using the greats

This is only one of only eight seasons – moving all of the way back to 1892-93 – when ’s 73 points is not enough to see them joint or top top of this table (if you fix past tables to 3 points for a win).

will be the only team on or above total to ever not be top at the time. Manchester United in 201112 will be the only negative to have’d 73 points or even more after 30 games and maybe not won the league – together with pipping them on goal difference.

’s tally of 73 points out of their opening 30 league games is their combined highest, level with the 1904-05 2nd tier and also the 1987 88 First Division.

Teams to Eliminate a max of one top-flight match in their opening 30 matches
0 – Arsenal (2004)
1 – Leeds (1974), (1988, 20-19 ), Arsenal (1991, 2008), (2015), Man City (2018)
*These sides, only Arsenal in 2008 didn’t move on to win the league

‘We had the perfect mix’

The Reds haven’t won the English name since 1989-90, before the was formed.

They led by seven points out of moving into their meeting on 3 January, but have since slipped to a single point . Ex- midfielder and BBC pundit Danny Murphy was among those that believed whether were becoming overly wary.

Klopp’s side dropped against Burnley on Sunday to a Ashley Westwood corner, which flew in, however Roberto Firmino and sadiomane both scored twice in a 4-2 win.

“Our message for now is that no body has got rid of us whether we play because we perform now, as we had the ideal mix of fighting the opponent, fighting the circumstances and playing football,” the German said.

He failed to see the match as a missed opportunity to enhance their goal difference. They’re seven motives behind City and one point.

“We only wanted three points – of course goal difference is essential as well but so what do you really do?” He explained.

“To score as many goals as you possibly can, that’s what we tried. We could have defended better, but that’s not possible.”

Remaining fixtures in the Premierleague title race
1st – (P 30, G D 5-8, PTS 74)2nd – (P30, G D 51, PTS 73)
*Date of fittings could be changed because of clashes with possible cup tts or television policy
30 March v Fulham (A)17 March v Fulham (A)
6 April* v Cardiff City (H)3-1 March v Tottenham (H)
14 April* v (A)5 April v (A)
20 April v Tottenham (H)14 April v (H)
2 4 April v Manchester United (A)21 April v Cardiff City (A)
28 April* v Burnley (A)26 April v Huddersfield Town (H)
4 Might * v (H)4 Might * v (A)
1-2 May v Brighton (A)1-2 May v (H)

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