Siófok join Danish party, Herning-Ikast survive comeback in Croatia

After Viborg procured a Women’s EHF Cup Semi-final spot on Saturday, as an example was followed by two Danish sides, Esbjerg and Herning-Ikast, as well as Hungary’s Siófok, since all those teams defended their advantage from the first leg.

  • Just like a week back, Esbjerg scored 37 goals against Kuban
  • Siofok scored 23 goals in the first half Storhamar, but just eight after the break
  • The competition’s leading scorer Helene Fauske netted three times for Herning-Ikast since they struggled from the next leg
  • Viborg will confront Siofok, while Esbjerg and Herning-Ikast will meet from the Danish derby from the semi-final

Quarter Final, Second-leg

Aggregate: 74:55

After a 13-goal household defeat from the first legonly magic could help Kuban advancement to the semi final. It never looked plausible since the Russian team were eliminated from the contest.

Similar to the game in Krasnodar, Esbjerg showed their attacking power and also ended up with the same number of accomplishing goals, 37. This time around that the team won by a lesser margin, however, their semi final ticket was never involved.

All in all, the scenario of the game somewhat educated that of the very first leg — following the tight first half, Esbjerg pulled clear after the fracture and clinched a confident victory.

Kuban’s 20-year-old straight back Mariia Dudina enjoyed her best match of the effort, scoring almost a third of her team’s intentions with eight, yet her sway was not enough. Esbjerg’s aims were spread among 11 players, together with Kristine Breistol and Kristina Liscevic scoring seven days each.

Aggregate: 63:55

The seven-goal a way victory made Siofok strong favourites and the side did just enough to confirm it. On home court, the team trained by Norwegian trainer Tor Odvar Moen won narrowly, but it was more than enough to go through.

Early in the match, Storhamar were upward 3:2, which only kicked off the hosts to action. Led by est-elle Nze Minko in attack, they woke up and started to prove their firing power, ending up with 23 goals from the first half alone.

Having spent much energy, Siofok slowed up after the rest, allowing their rivals to start the chase.

H C Podravka Vegeta (CRO) vs Herning-Ikast Handbold (DEN) 24:18 (12:6)
Initial leg effect: 26:34. Aggregate: 50:52

Unlike three other champions of their legPodravka played the yield match at home and expected to make use of the support. They revealed strong character and looked set to complete a dramatic comeback, but eventually Herning-Ikast weathered the storm to clinch a semi final berth.

It was not exactly the best day for its contest ’therefore top-scorer Helene Fauske, whose impact was confined to three aims. At the first half, the people looked uncharacteristically poor from attack, scoring just six aims. Podravka’s great defence and efficient attack helped them pull clear at 17:9 by the 37th minute and also the scores were level .

However, when Jessica Ryde took her place in Herning-Ikast’s goal, the people begun to boost. Thanks to Ryde’s string of saves, her team needed a 6:1 run in the following ten minutes and recovered confidence. Even though Podravka refused to give up, the final score of 24:18 was enough for Herning-Ikast to take a two-goal snare win and eventually become the third largest Danish semifinalists of in 2013 ’s Women’s EHF Cup.

TEXT: Sergey Nikolaev / cor


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