The lifetime of a professional fighter isn’t even all of glitz and glamour.

As though becoming punched, kicked, kneed, choked and tted into a pretzel on a standard basis isn’t enough, fighters draw a overall wackiness which makes their own lives , well…

To commemorate these day-to-day hardships, slipups, pranks, and more, we fetch you, “The Weekly Grind. ”

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“T-Ferg Impact ” It takes plenty of Effort x ray pragmatic, but ’m Confident I can accomplish this. I Employed No Physical Therapy because my background is in sports medicine and that I hear my own Doctors. Additionally, I felt I was spending too much time in physical treatment practices & it took away in my entire family time (Shoutout for my previous therapist @ocfightdocs they not ever desire anything from me except to be better thanks fam Champ Shit Just ). My own experience comes from over a small number of surgeries & recoveries. I realized my goal, but every one wanted my trade secrets on how exactly I did it left me w / / nothing with the exception of scars to remind me how real it may be. You’r e fucking Welcome, greedy bastards Only on a fantastic note, I paid attention to my own mind, body, spirit & kept the Faith & sings every day, still do. My spouse, Son & Crew & Sponsors really let me throughout the method to get better, therefore that I state Amen & thanks. I don’t recommend doing what I do, therefore don’t. It’s pretty easy to point a finger whenever you should be looking in the mirror, but that’s not my cup of tea, therefore that I won’t even go there. Good thoughts,. . Pardon me for my speech, manners. I enjoy you all & Keep it upward Crew you might be doin’ Excellent Time to get that mind , keep training for lifetime sports-medicine #NationalAthleticTrainingMonth #snapintuit w/ SnapJitsu™️ Man Shit.

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