Now, they have unofficially agreed to meet with second.

Following his triumph over Mickey Gall in Saturday’s UFC 235 in vegas, Sanchez revealed to this media he and Maia have tried to get the fight before, with consented to it on societal media, but the opted to let them have different match ups.

Riding a two-fight winning series against Gall and Craig White, the original winner explained why he wanted to meet the ian jiu jitsu specialist next.

MMA Fighting reached out to Maia to receive his answer, and then he ’S-100 per cent into the idea.

”I’ve a great deal of respect for Diego, he’s a warrior, and like I said in my Twitter, it is possible to never underestimate experience,” Maia said. “I really thought it was fine to see him move against the likelihood and get the triumph. It’therefore not simple to be competing in a higher level for so long, it’s a tough game, and he deserves a good deal of recognition. Therefore, I would be honored to vie against him, after all of the history we have from the game. Why not? ”

As stated by Maia,” Sanchez “approached me before the (Kamaru) Usman struggle (in Chile), was super respectful, and that I told him it would be an honor, but it’s obviously not up to us. Time has gone by, we had some struggles, and everyone knows that I don’t even move out hard individuals, it’therefore not my style. ”

After his recent triumph on Lyman Good in Fortaleza, Maia said Michael Chiesa within an perfect next competition within his post-fight press conference. Now, he sees Sanchez as “a fun fight” which he’d be honored to accept if the decides to reserve it.

Fresh off a first-round submission finish — his first triumph since May 2017 — Maia would be open to compete UFC 237, which is scheduled for May 11 in Rio de Janeiro. But he’s even longer interested in getting the perfect opponents as opposed to on specific struggle cards.

”I would like to struggle at Rio,” Maia said, “however in this stage in my career, ” I feel as with a struggle with a competition which is reasonable for the moment has become the most important things for mepersonally, so the opponent is more essential than the card in ways. I fought virtually everyone in the branch, such as the best three fighters in the fat class in a row, and I’m 4 1, getting to my last fights, so now I presume that battles which are fun would be the most important things, not necessarily always associated with positions.

That said, I leave that to (manager) Eduardo (Alonso) along with also the , and that I expect them to come up with something which makes sense for all of us, if or not or another person. ”

If the fight will happen, Maia wouldn’t even expect it perform as him appearing to carry it to the ground and Sanchez desperately averting it.

It’s a cliche, but it’therefore, you can never know how exactly they ’ll go down for sure until you do this,” Maia said. “Diego features an excellent ground game, often underrated, is highly experienced, demanding, features a great deal of heart and also it has a wonderful pace. I wouldn’t underestimate him all, also I think that it would be fun, with a great deal of fun scrambles. He’s an offensive boxer, so he wouldn’t just attempt to avoid glancing at any costs, so it’d be fun to watch, for certain. ”


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