By Jeff Aranow: Gennady Golovkin, his trainer Abel Sanchez and Group Executive Chairman John Skipper met using the media on Monday at Los Angeles, at a news conference to discus his latest signing with the platform at six-fight deal, and to talk about what leadership he’ll be taking with his career.

Golovkin says he plans on sitting down with his team this week to pick that he’ll fight next in his first fight of his three-year, six-fight treat . It’s anticipated to be a talented fighter, as he only hes to fight the best.

Golovkin (38-1-1, 34 KOs) believes he learned a great deal from his second fight with Saul Canelo Alvarez that he work with should they meet potentially later this year in September to get a trilogy fight.

“Obviously, I’d love to fight [Jaime Munguia],” g gg said when asked if he’d prefer to fight Golden Lady fighter Jaime Munguia. “I prefer to fight fantastic boxers. It’s not merely because he’s a Mexican fighter. It’ll become a excellent fight. It’s no secret I had any other supplies from different programs, but at this time I have the ideal partner. I’ve got a wonderful partnership. I hope I can perform both fights [with ]. I feel well at the moment. I hope I do the six fights. After the six struggles we’ll find out what else we may do, but first I have to do both fights.

G gg may possibly continue fighting after his six-fight contract together with is up in three decades. The current contract is for 2 fights a year until the six fights are up. Whether gives Golovkin a new contract by the conclusion of this current one will, obviously, depend on the way he’s fightingand whether he’s bringing in a of subcriptions to the streaming giant. It’s easy to predict that should Golovkin wins all six of his battles of his own contract together with , his fame will undoubtedly likely be high with all the people, also he’ll be extended a new contract.

Golovkin might finally face Munguia, however that’s not a fight which will take place soon. are taking things slowly with Munguia, and they’re not likely to nourish him to GGG today that he’therefore earning profits whilst the WBO junior middleweight winner.

“People know that there ’s a lot of politics with all the belts,” Golovkin said in ruling out him attempting to merge the branch. “The concept is not to have all of the belts possible, but to be the best boxer. Some times those individuals who have the belts aren’t even the best boxers. You h to have the most significant struggles in . There are many different essential fights. This ’therefore exactly what I want to do now.

It wouldn’t even feel for g gg to use and combine the middleweight division at the time in his career. Golovkin is turning 3-7 on April 8, and it takes too much time and attempt to unify. In case Golovkin were to overcome /WBC middle weight champion Saul Canelo Alvarez this Septemberhe would catch three of his old belts back, and then he would go after WBO middleweight champion Demetrius Andrade for the fourth. Golovkin could unite the middleweight division without even trying all that hard. Before, it took g gg years to win three titles at middleweight. Now it might be possible for g gg to perform that, thanks to . winner Daniel Jacobs is signed together with , also now he ’s fighting Canelo on May 4. WBO winner Andrade is by using as well, and he would be an easy fight for Golovkin to create, either in June or he faces Canelo at September at a fight that might have the , and WBC titles at stake. Andrade is not just a big fight. Golovkin would do to move up to super middle weight to fight with Callum Smith or even than he would in wasting effort and time infighting Andrade.

“Youthful and lush rear afterward. “He’s believing more about what he’so doing. The good thing about him is that he’therefore very proficient. As it pertains to training camp, then we’reworking on technical things, and not so much about trying to shed weight. I can only judge it to what goes on in the fights, and to the date hasn’t been anybody that’therefore dominated him in a fight or at the gymnasium. So I must say no,” Sanchez said when asked if he sees any rust with g gg. “I would say he’s fighting at the toplevel, and nobody has had it over on him just like any of the additional boxers who have fought later in their own years. So, I imagine there is [some corrosion ], however until some one proves it in the ring, I would say no more,” Sanchez stated.

Golovkin’s fight against Canelo triggered him losing by a 12 round majority decision, but that was a controversial fight. A lot of fans thought Triple G gained. It was still the toughest fight for Golovkin in eight years since its knock out win over Kassim Ouma at 2011. This was a grueling fight for g gg, because he slugged that the whole time, also Ouma was able to take massive punishment and return until getting stopped at the 10th round.

“” I came to to truly own the most important fights,” Golovkin said when asked whether he’d be prepared to move up to super middle weight to take on the top guys in that weight category. “In case those interesting fights are in another category, we’ll take those fights as well. We ’ll get together with my team also have a glance at all the possible alternatives,” Golovkin said when asked who he’ll be fighting in June.

Golovkin probably won’t even produce a move up to super middle weight until he’s fought Canelo a third and a fourth moment. Once those fights are exhausted, then there’s a chance that g gg could move up to super middle weight to undertake some one just like Bivol or even Callum Smith. Canelo could make it happen first to fight one or both of the guys. Canelo can make decent money fighting of these. Smith is exposed, and this ’therefore that the probable leadership g gg and Canelo will require if they move up in weight to get a single fight at 168. Bivol might be too large, too young and too technical for Canelo or even Golovkin to pick out him for a fight at super middle weight.

“” We don’t have any problem fighting either of the guys, especially Callum [Smith], that recently won the WBSS championship,” Sanchez said if asked if Golovkin would be ready to maneuver upto 168 to fight or even Callum Smith. “This might have been a goo fight.

He didn’t even seem excited at the possibility of Golovkin fighting Bivol though.

“It’s hard to state what we heard. “We heard lots of things from the third battle which is likely to allow it to be very interesting to make it more spectacular than the first two fights,” Golovkin stated.

It’s pretty easy to find out what Golovkin heard from his loss to Canelo Alvarez out of their re match last September. What Golovkin heard is he can’t back up. Normally, a fighter ought to be able to back up when being pressed by their own rival, however Canelo is a different narrative. He’s so hot that you cannot backup him against him losing rounds. It doesn’t even matter that Golovkin was shooting jabs in to the surface of Canelo if he had been pressing him. Only the simple fact that Golovkin was seen backing against Canelo forced him seem like he had been running . Golovkin may ’t even accomplish that when he would like to overcome the Mexican celebrity inside the rematch.

“” I presume he does [have six fights left ],” Sanchez said if asked a question of whether he believes g gg has six fights left in him at his age. “Again, until some body dominates him in not only in the fitness center but also in a fight, we can declare he’s deteriorating. But to the date, no body has dominated him. For instance, if [Miguel] Cotto fought his last fight [against Sadam Ali], he had been completely ruled. Until some one does that to Gennady, it’s hard for me to state he’s getting old or for those who to state he’s getting old,” Sanchez stated.


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