We’ve reached the point whereby prohibiting human fans for going on the pitch is not really enough of a punishment.

It cannot be a sufficient deterrent, because it keeps on happening, and my worry is that it will take a episode at which a player is stabbed or seriously hurt before matters change.

Player safety proved to be a massive concern of mine before this weekend incidents involving supporters in St Andrew’s,that the Emirates and Easter Road.

What’s happened within the last few days has emphasized the magnitude of the problem, but I honestly think matters have been getting worse for a while and also the problem ought to be a significant concern for the clubs and also the governing bodies.

Drastic action is needed – either through points deductions or simply by emptying stadiums and manufacturing nightclubs play behind closed doors.

In addition, I think players and managers need to make a stand.

If you start looking at exactly what happened in Sunday’s Birmingham derby, where a person wearing a Birmingham jacket ran on the pitch and attacked Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish, then his and his teammates treated what had been a horrible episode surprisingly nicely.

Arsenal v Tottenham at the Emirates

I’ve seen several incidents this season that worry me about the way football is going, and we need to push things in the bud before they get any worse.

In the last couple of months, there’ve been displays of racism at grounds, with a banana thrown towards Arsenal players later Pierre Emerick Aubameyang had scored in the north London derby and derogatory chanting about the Pakistani community throughout the Millwall versus FA Cup tie.

Homophobic abuse can be a problem too, and now we have had these attacks and confrontations from folks running on into the pitch.

I think it all is totally unsuitable but I keep hearing that it is all part and parcel of this overall game, or worse that the players’ve caused it to themselves should endure it because they get paid lots of money, that is possibly the greatest insult ever.

It has got to avoid however very little is apparently done , which is probably why things seem to be escalating. I am hugely enthusiastic about this because I’ve experienced the effect that it has on people’s lives.

It was disgusting, but that just seems to be regarded as part of being a public figure nowadays, whether you are man or woman.


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