— Since the Philadelphia 76ers have navigated major roster turnover and hastened playoff goals, trainer Brett Brown has returned to his mantra:”It all boils down to the way the airplane lands on April 15.”

The health of Joel Embiid will dictate what ’s playoff path would likely soon be.

The downs and ups of individual regular season matches are insignificant, the saying goes, as long because the Sixers are a healthy, well-oiled machine come the postseason.

“You are going to listen to this much,” Brown said. “It’s all about landing on the plane. Healthy, soul, me finding the best method to remedy, the group playing for each other. It is still and will always be about a team. I mean this sincerely: That rules my world.”

Still, there was more work to be done.

The Sixers relied on significant minutes out of their starters against the Pacers. While was dominant in the last quarter, the Pacers needed an even more balanced offensive performance. The Pacers’ bench outscored the Sixers’ bench 37-21.

also will be looking to spark JJ Redick, who’s fought offensively since the all star break. Redick, who the Sixers rely on to space the floor with his own 3-point shooting, ended 3-of-6 from heavy to Sunday. This had been the second time since the rest that he shot 50% or better against the three line. At Wells Fargo Center, the ence seemed to purify every single time Redick was able to take from 3 and explode every time the shooter went .

Redick’s recession has collaborated together with Embiid’s lack. Entering Sunday’s contest, Redick had shot 41% from the three arc together using Embiid in the courtroom and only 29 percent when Embiid was outside.

“I think j j will welcome Joel back as warmly as any of us,” Brown said. “Should you say,’Why do they set better?’ I feel like Joel has come to be a great screen setter. They will have learned how to things. I do feel like Joel finding its way back, j j will be delighted about this.”

Butler was experiencing foot pain in Sunday’s game and did not play with the last 4 minutes. Embiid and Brown will seek advice from the Sixers’ medical staff to evaluate how Embiid’s minutes will likely probably be handled for the remainder of the regular season. Embiid said it really is not out of this question for him to sit out more games to ensure that he is brand new come playoff time.

“It is all about loading direction,” Embiid explained. “I wouldn’t state it really is completely, because as an player, then you can never be completely. Everything is fundamentally sore. You just have to push it depending on the strain .”

Brown said he could feel that the team feels”it really is getting to be go time.” Before every game now, Brown projects a few onto the locker room video monitor. On Sunday, the number had been 16. The next game, it is likely to likely be 15.

“We are about the clock,” Brown said. “I think that the sense of urgency and awareness of [the level] we have been approaching having to work is real for those players.”


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