Junior dos Santos could name a number of future deserving title contenders for heavyweight winner Daniel Cormier. This list doesn’t comprise brocklesnar .

Dos Santos, the former heavyweight champ, was unequivocal of the criticism of the possibility of Lesnar returning to the after three decades and getting a direct title shot against Cormier on Saturday night.

“To sure, not brocklesnar,” dos Santos said when asked concerning the potential next challenger to get Cormier. “It doesn’t even seem sensible. … however no, ” I ’MA buff. I love to watch Brocklesnar fighting, but perhaps not for the title. He’s part of the game at the moment. They cannot return and struggle for the title similar to this. I am aware ‘DC’ really wants to make money, but man, it doesn’t even seem sensible. ”

After Cormier won the heavyweight title from Stipe Miocic at UFC 226 final July, Lesnar had been in attendance and entered the Octagon later. Lesnar shoved Cormier and spoke some crap on the microphone in a memorable spectacle. Ever since that time, Cormier has been pretty clear about desiring Lesnar, particularly considering Lesnar, also a former champ, is among the greatest financial draws in the heritage of the .

Dana White, the presidenthas co-signed on that struggle, however it’s yet to bond. Lesnar still has duties with , notably WrestleMania 3-5 coming up next month in nj.

Lesnar, 41, coming back right into a title shot could be controversial. He has not fought as a UFC 200 bout with Mark Hunt. Lesnar won this by unanimous decision, however, it’s since been overturned by the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) because of Lesnar’s drug-test collapse for its prohibited substance clomiphene. Lesnar had to function oneyear suspensions from the NAC and also anti-doping partner USADA, and pay out a $205,000 nice to the NAC.

Dos Santos, 3-5, recorded three heavyweights who would deserve the shot more than Lesnar: Miocic, Francis Ngannou along with also himself. Miocic have not fought since dropping the belt to Cormier this past year, but had defended the belt a listing three times prior to that. Ngannou is coming from two straight knockout wins, most recently a quick conclusion of prior champ Cain Velasquez. And dos Santos has won three in a row, the previous two from TKO.

Even light heavyweight winner Jon Jones could lay a better promise to confronting his rival Cormier next for the heavyweight title, ” Santos stated.

On the post-fight show, analyst and former winner Michael Bisping played devil’s advocate, saying Cormier has paid his dues and deserves a huge payday which fighting Lesnar would attract about. Dos Santos said he understands it from Cormier’so perspective, however, not from the sport’s perspective.

“Obviously,” dos Santos stated. “” I do know that. But I am unable to agree that this fight with brocklesnar is sensible, because it doesn’t. But needless to say politics — it’therefore politics. They are able to do anything they want, however it doesn’t even seem sensible. The right struggle todo in the heavyweight division is Stipe, Ngannou and I. I heard some thing about coming upto the heavyweight and fighting with him. That could make more sense than brocklesnar fighting. But now we ’ll know if he has to struggle brocklesnar to generate income or anything. I don’t even understand. ”


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